DOST USec MABBORANG encourages researchers to continue doing R&D

“Continue doing research…the paradigm on R&D should change, dapat ay industry and demand-driven, and eventually and ultimately should help the communities in your respective region.”

USec. Sancho A. Mabborang, the concurrent OIC- Regional Director and Undersecretary for Regional Operations, highlighted in an exclusive interview on his visit to NICER: “Establishing the Philippine Research Center for Bamboo” project and other DOST-funded projects at Central Mindanao University held on August 24, 2022.

USec Mabborang and his team were warmly greeted by Dr. Jose Alexander C. Abella -Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Emmanuel P. LeaΓ±o -NOMCAARRD Director, and other CMU key officials who participated in the meeting.

USec Mabborang visited CMU to conduct a courtesy call and assess various updates from the DOST-funded projects and program implementation. He would like to identify areas that need improvement and upgrading by seeing the situation on the ground.

“…we’d like to find out what they are doing in areas of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI), and I’d also like to find out their relevance in the Regional Development Agenda (RDA) as well as to the National Development Agenda (NDA),” USec Mabborang added.

The team visited the Food Research and Development Center and was welcomed by Dr. Queenie Ann L. Curayag, Director, FRDC. Dr. Curayag showcased the center’s facilities and equipment and encouraged her to prepare another proposal for additional funding to enhance the center’s services. The next visit stopped at Tuklas-Lunas Center (Annex) with Dr. Reggie Y. Dela Cruz, Program Leader, discussing the highlights of their research endeavors.

Meanwhile, USec Mabborang applauded the researchers from Mindanao, “I went to region 10 and 12, napakaganda ng mga nakita ko.” He wanted to provide researchers with more facilities to produce competent research and have STI personnel.

He assured that he will lobby the concern to the Department of Science and Technology to have more funds for the region “…yong mga regions na hindi natin napapansin ay dapat pansinin natin at bigyan ng kaukulang tulong.”

Moreover, USec Mabborang visited the Bamboo NICER Center with Dr. Lowell G. Aribal, the Program, and Dr. Jupiter V. Casas, University Research Director and one of the Project Leaders. The discussion explored the future undertakings of the bamboo industry for research and development efforts for region 10. Dr. Casas also took advantage of handling the documents for the proposed establishment of the Philippine Research Center for Large Ruminant Infectious Diseases under the Niche Centers in the Regions for R&D (NICER) Program at Central Mindanao University.

Lastly, USec Mabborang also stressed that the entire exploratory visit in some areas in Mindanao could inspire, motivate, and empower the people [researchers] in Mindanao. His visit was accompanied by his wife, Ms. Victoria B. Mabborang, Dir. Sammy P. Malawan, DOST XII Regional Director, and his assistants, Mr. Rommel P. Simsel, SRS II, and Villamor P. Quilang, SRSII. (Maejoy L. Talisay)

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