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June 19, 1965- RA 4498 converted Mindanao Agricultural College to Central Mindanao University BOR No. 2, s. 1965 converted the Department of Agricultural Education to College of Education.

In 1970, the CMU BOR approved the course offerings, Bachelor of Science in Education major English, Mathematics and Physics, and of the Agricultural Education offering in the College of Education. The BSA-AgEd course offering is at present at the College of Agriculture.

In 1972, the integration of the Public Elementary School at Musuan into the University. This gave birth to the CMU Elementary Laboratory School.

In 1975, the Board of Regents approved the initial absorption of the Bureau of Public School Teachers into the University Plantilla. Total integration then followed. In 1977, the approval of two new curricular offerings namely: Bachelor of Science in Business Education (BSBE) and Certificate of Secretarial Science. In 1982, the offering of the one-year clerical course was approved and in June 1987, the CMU Elementary Laboratory High School was turned over to the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS), now known as Musuan Elementary School.

In 1989 BOR resolution no. 95, s. 1989 approved the implementation of the Certificate of Teaching, a one-year program for non-education graduates who desire to teach. CT (elementary option) has been phased out. In 1993, BOR resolution no. 66, s. 1993 approved the resumption of the general Secondary Academic Curriculum and in 1996 the two-year Secretarial Science course was phase out. In 1997 to 1998 the implementation of the BSE degree major in Physical Education was realized.

In 2002, BSOA curriculum was approved by the University Academic Council and in 2003, the curriculum was approved for implementation by virtue of the BOR resolution no. 11, s. 2003 dated March 17, 2003.

In 2009, the department of Business Education was transferred to the College of Commerce and Accountancy.

In 2016, the College of Education was awarded Center of Development in Teacher Education, and in 2021, the ISO 9001:2015 Certification and QUACQUARELLI SYMONDS (QS) 3 Star Rating.

Presently, the College of Education as a Teacher Education Institution is composed of four departments namely the Departments of Language Education, Professional Education, Physical Education, Science Education, and the University Laboratory High School.

College Goals

The College is committed to pursue excellence and total quality education which aims to develop highly competent and morally upright teachers and leaders comparable to international standards in the content, pedagogy and instructional leadership.

College Objectives

  1. To produce highly competent teachers imbued with desirable character traits, equipped with
    scientific and evidence-based knowledge through a variety of teaching and learning experiences
    that foster academic breadth and skills training;
  2. To equip teachers to be effective facilitators of learning and responsive to the challenges of the
    global classroom through keeping abreast with the latest trends in teaching to meet current and
    future needs of students and community;
  3. To provide teachers with opportunities to the attainment of sustainable development to achieve
    a clear progression beyond basic and undergraduate education by stressing higher
    competencies in knowledge application and utilization; and
  4. To train teachers to apply educational theories and practices through research, extension and
    production endeavors.


1. Physical Education Department
Bachelor of Physical Education

2. Language Education Department
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Filipino

3. Science Education Department
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Sciences
Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics


1. Professional Education Department
Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Administration
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration

2. Science Education Department
Master of Science major in Biology Education
Master of Science major in General Science Education
Master of Science major in Mathematics Education

3. Language Education Department
Master of Arts in Language Education major in English
Master of Arts in Language Education major in Filipino

A premier provider of quality secondary education committed to the total development of the student for a globally sustainable environment

To equip high school students with knowledge and skills imbued with moral uprightness and civic responsibility in preparation for higher education through dynamic instruction, extension, research and production.

Academic excellence through hard work and noble virtues…fear of God especially.

General Objectives:

1. To provide preparatory training that would transform students to become humane, responsive and concern-conscious citizens for the mass-based development and progress of society.

2. To serve as a vessel in educating the youths to the best of their innate potentials through scientific skills training, intellectual inquiry and socio-cultural development to meet the challenges of the present age.

3. To instill in the minds of the students the elegance, power and beauty of science in shaping the progress, lifestyle and destiny of a nation and its people.

4. To train students to appreciate the contributions of science in the pursuit of truth, knowledge and man’s progress.

5. To instill in the minds of the students the value of a true, rigorous and real education.

 Specific Objectives:

1. To develop the attitude of inquiry and analytical thinking among students.

2. To prepare the students to enter careers in the sciences.

3. To encourage and foster creativity and innovativeness.

4. To foster responsible citizenship among students through character building, moral, physical, and mental development.

5. To provide a well-balanced academic and social development among students.

6. To provide capabilities for the development of competent future teachers in all aspects of subject of specialization.

7. To serve as a laboratory for teacher training programs of the College of Education, College of Agriculture and College of Home Economics.


Admission Requirements
Entering Freshmen:
1. ULHSAT Result
2. Form 138-A (Report Card)
3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
4. Original Copy of Civil Registry Form 1A(BIRTH EXTRACT)
5. Certificate of Attendance in the Freshmen Parents Orientation

Old Students:
Form 138-A (Report Card)


Department of Language Education:
Department of Professional Education:
Department of Physical Education:
Department of Science Education:
College Registrar: