12 October 2021

We wish to advise the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and our other stakeholders that the Facebook Account Cmu Juan using the logo of Central Mindanao University as its profile picture and the domain name of CMU ( as its Fb bio is NOT in any way associated with Central Mindanao University. The ONLY official Facebook page of Central Mindanao University is Central Mindanao University (formerly known as CMU Today), with a blue verification badge. CMU Public Relations and Information Office is the administrator of the official Facebook Page.

We urge everyone not to be misled, misinformed, or disinformed by any posts, especially on political issues created by Cmu Juan Facebook Account.

We are finding ways to address the concerns on the use of trademark, logo, and the domain name of the university without permission.

Please refrain from communicating or in any way associating yourself with this page as it may compromise data privacy and avoid being complicated with a possible infringement suit, election, and/or related criminal, civil or administrative action against the account holder.

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