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CMU celebrates Women’s Month 2018

The University Center for Gender and Development (UCGAD) spearheaded the Women’s Month Celebration and culmination with the theme “We Make Change Work for Women” at the University Convention Center on March 23.

Kate Alyson B. Ramil, human rights advocate, gender and development consultant, and president of the Erasmus Mundus Association-Southeast Asia Chapter served as keynote speaker.

She discussed gender and development issues such as double standards in dealing with women and LGBT in the workplace, school, and community.

She said to the audience, “You cannot be either or,” challenging everyone to stand up for what they think is right,  and to be critical in what they read or see on TV or in what they actually see in their community.

“The moment you empower yourself is the moment they lose their power over you,” she added. “Continue to support the people around you and the people who need your support. That’s why you are here in school—you are here to learn and to question, to be critical.”

Dr. Carolina Amper, dean of the College of Agriculture, said in her welcome address that the Women’s Month is a celebration of all sexes and all genders.

“This initiative is not anti-male…We have to understand that men also play a big role in addressing issues to really achieve through gender equality and fairness to the different circuits of the society,” Dr. Amper said.

Dr. Amper said that the people in this institution are now aware of the concept because the university had successfully established the University Center for Gender and Development (UCGAD) which leads the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of activities addressing gender issues.

“As of now, people’s mindset gradually changed to higher level of consciousness as regard to the context of Gender and Development. The UCGAD is fast to facilitate the institutionalization of GAD mainstreaming activities,” Dr. Amper added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rolito G. Eballe, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, assured everyone that the university is doing its part in mainstreaming Gender and Development in the curricular programs and even in the activities in the campus.

“Our celebration for women’s advocacy does not stop for the month of March. This is a long term—whole year-round activity,” he said.

Dr. Eballe added that Gender and Development is not an issue in the university. He said that in the counting of manpower, the population of women exceeds the number of men.

“We belong to different specialization in the university but we always come to a point that we agree to move as one university to be able to accomplish our directions and objectives and one of it is to mainstream Gender and Development,” he said.

In 1988, the month of March was declared as the Women’s Role in History Month through the Proclamation No. 227 signed by then president Corazon Aquino. She also signed Proclamation No. 224 declaring that the first week of March of every year be Women’s Week and March 8 as Women’s Rights and International Peace Day.

The university celebration was also highlighted by different activities like the Video Making Contest, Logo Making, Photography, Spoken Poetry, and Song Composition contest. (IADalipe-Neri)

The following are the winners of the Women’s Month culmination activities:


Logo Making Competition

Winner: Laurence Enriquez A. Manango

Consolation Prizes:

1. Mariel S. Salam

2. Erica Ross Rom

3. Romel Kian Cablinda

4. Jennard Rey Pat



Video Making Contest

First Prize: Lhaiza Visitacion

Second Prize: Hannah Lei Gabutan

Third Prize: Troy L. Valdehueza

Consolation Prizes:

1. Ghezzel A. Forcado

2. Rasheed Kyle P. Madrid


Spoken Poetry

First Prize: Alfie R. Sarmiento

Second Prize: Sheira Guison

Third Prize: Jascha Llera

Consolation Prizes:

1. Raeman Zaira Fernandez

2. Kehm Socayre


Photography Contest

First Prize: Yubert Bersabal

Second Prize: Jella Erica Thea Gulfan

Third Prize: Mark Paul Medina

Consolation Prizes:

1. Roiden Fredrich M. Fernandez

2. John Manuel D. Bugayong


Song Composition Contest

First Prize: Oniz Jan Rafael Pocong

Second Prize: Atasha Edullances

Third Prize: Lorenzo Leo Rojas

Consolation Prizes:

1. Chan Bermejo

2. Joemer Diaz

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