Wednesday , 27 January 2021
Message from the President

Message from the President



At the outset, we thank you all for your presence during the Central Mindanao University 104th Founding Anniversary. Celebrating a reunion on campus provides an occasion to welcome you back. Again, we are gathered to celebrate the founding anniversary of our beloved Central Mindanao University. This is the moment to meet fellow alumni, long lost friends, former classmates but more importantly we pay homage to the builders of this institution which made impact in our individual and collective lives.

Indeed, this is a momentous time for many of you who make the journey from great distances to come back to CMU which was your “home” for some times. As our home aptly put, your presence shows how much the CMU community matters to you.

On behalf of the administration, we extend our appreciation and thanks for the unending support of the alumni in the many facets of the life of the University. From scholarship grants to our needy but deserving students, to materials and moral support you extended to the administration when it matters most, we are much grateful. Alumni achievements bring praise to the school, and your commitment and continued support are our most treasured assets.

We hope that as we look forward to the 105th founding anniversary of Central Mindanao University we shall continue to strengthen the bond that bind us all together, being the sons and daughters of CMU.

God bless us all!


University President

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