‘It’s very helpful to us:’ a recipient expresses gratitude to the university’s vaccination drive

One of the project recipients in Kalipayan, Kisanday, Mrs. Elizabeth Dialo, expressed her gratitude to the College of Veterinary Medicine’s project team for conducting a vaccination drive in their locality on September 25, 2020.

“It’s very helpful to us because there’s a lot of stray dogs in our place. These dogs might harm the children,” she said.

She further expressed her gratitude because these vaccines were given for free. “One shot of anti-rabies vaccine is costly. There were also instances that we find it hard to access the anti-rabies vaccines in our barangay because of our remote location, and unpaved roads…that’s why we’re very grateful for this,” she added.

The vaccination drive is an annual activity conducted by the college to support its project on Rabies Prevention and Control in Maramag, Bukidnon, in coordination with the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO), and Philippine Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA)– Region 10.

“It is our goal to vaccinate all dogs in Maramag, however, we have limited vaccines,” Dr. Alan P. Dargantes, Project Leader and Vice President for Research Development and Extension, said in a separate interview. He further asserted that this year, the college had received a total of 300 doses only from PVO. “So, we prioritized the nearby areas as we also have limited access due to the pandemic,” he added.

Some of the on-the-job veterinary medicine students assigned at the Livestock project also participated in the vaccination drive. (RGPdoginog)



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