CMU-HRM dines ‘a la russe’

Sophomore and junior Hotel and Restaurant Management students of the College of Human Ecology spearheaded the 4th “A La Russe” fine dining service with the theme: “A La Russe: Fire and Ice Royal Dine” at the Farmers Training Center, April 6.

“A la russe” is a French word meaning to serve in a Russian manner, which according to the Oxford Dictionary involves courses being brought to the table sequentially.

According to Prof. Annie Fritce A. Aballe, HRM faculty member, the event showcased the skills of the HRM students in various areas such as food and beverage services, cookery, guest relations, and events management.

“Through this activity we can showcase what the course is all about,” Prof. Aballe said. “We can evaluate the students’ skills, knowledge, and attitude in various areas and train them to meet the demand of food service and hotel industry.”

The event catered to 50 guests, including Dr. Judith Intong, VP for Academic Affairs; Dr. Jeneifer Nueva, director of Instruction; Dr. Agapito Bayron Jr, Quality Assurance Office (QAO) chief; Dr. Queenie Anne Curayag, College of Human Ecology dean; and faculty members from CHE and College of Arts and Sciences.

Aside from the VIP guests, 35 Grade 12 students took part of this event which serves as their major requirement in their Food and Beverages Services subject under Prof. Aballe.

Dr. Agapito Bayron Jr., chief of the Quality Assurance Office, said that his A La Russe experience was “superb.”

“The food courses were delicious from appetizer to dessert,” he said. “I think it would be nice to showcase this BSHRM major activity to one of the nights during the AACCUP program accreditation survey visit.”

Prof. Aballe added, “They will experience the fine dining services through ‘A La Russe’ and they will have the background of how the food services up to hall preparation should be done if ever they will enroll in BSHRM course in the future.”

The A La Russe menu included Rulonnaya Zagruzka Motsarella or Roll ups Mozzarella Filling for appetizer; Krem Kurinny (cream of chicken soup); Salat Tsezerya (Caesar garden salad); Steyk iz Govyadiny (beef steak with potato wedges and steamed vegetable) as the main course; Krasnny Barkhatnny Keyk (red velvet cupcake) for desert; and flaming mist beverage and sweet red wine.

According to Alliah Mae L. Manto, one of the student organizers, the activity developed her skills in events management.“It has great impact to me specially that I was assigned in hall preparation and the pressure is on me to make the whole place look elegant with a touch of fire and ice,” she said.

Further, Ms. Krizia Jeavon B. Edpalina, a third year BS HRM student, said the event improved their skills in various areas especially in formal dining procedures and proper table setting and it also boosted their confidence in the hospitality industry.

Aside from the food service, the organizers also prepared classic performances of interpretative dances and songs.

The “A La Russe” fine dining event started in 2016. It serves as the Department of Hospitality Management and the Les Touque Society’s annual fine dining event. (IADalipe-Neri)

DSC_0331                                     APPETIZER: Rulonnaya Zagruzka, Motsarella (Roll ups Mozzarella Filling).


DSC_0438                                                  SOUP: Krem Kurinny (cream of chicken soup).


DSC_0441                                                      BEVERAGE: Flaming mist and sweet red wine.


DSC_0540                  MAIN COURSE: Steyk iz Govyadiny (beef steak with potato wedges and steamed vegetables).


DSC_0611                                            DESSERT: Krasnny Barkhatnny Keyk (red velvet cupcake).


DSC_0841                                                      SALAD: Salat Tsezerya (Caesar garden salad).


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