CMU hosts Philippines-Australia Friendship Caravan 2021

Central Mindanao University hosted the Philippines-Australia Friendship Caravan 2021 at Mt. Musuan Zoological and Botanical Garden for the 75th anniversary of the Australian and Filipino bilateral relationship with the theme “Let’s Make our Community – and – our World – a Greener Place” on April 21, 2021.

The event aimed to unite all alumni across the province that studied in various universities in Australia. Uniting the alumni highlights the academic quality of Philippine education. According to the Ambassador, this objective was met. “I think the academic quality of the Filipinos is shown in the 24 alumni that are here today. We have 24 graduates who are already done with their masters and PhDs in Australia. They wouldn’t have gotten those degrees unless they are not very capable,” he affirmed. These alumni had also planted trees at the foot of Mt. Musuan to honor the 75 years of established friendship between the Philippines and Australia.

“This year is very special to us. We talked about the 75th anniversary of our bilateral relationship, and it means a great deal to Australia because we’ve been in the Philippines as partners for a long time,” said Australian Ambassador SJ Robinson while talking about the good relationship shared between Australia and the Philippines.

“I have been traveling to places all over the world, but Filipinos are the warmest people, always smiling, even under the mask,” the Ambassador shared. “This is my 35th visit in the Philippines, and I think this is the most beautiful province (Bukidnon)…” he added.

He also shared the qualities necessary for a leader to have. “A leader is somebody who is patient, prepared to change their minds and listen to alternative views, flexible, adaptable, and able to cope with lots of pressure at one time.” He also added that a leader should maintain a sense of humor to balance work and personal pressure with positivity.

The event was spearheaded by the CMU International Relations Office (IRO), headed by Dr. Ma. Viviene J. Segumpan. The university president, Dr. Jesus Antonio G. Derije, who is also present at the event, extended his gratitude to the committees of the event, namely the CMU Public Relations and Information Office (Tours, Promotions, Documentation, and News coverage), CMU Administration, University Homestay (food committee), and all faculty and staff who participated in the event.

After the event, the Australian Ambassador arranged the next day to visit the Municipality of San Fernando to participate in the release of the newly recovered Philippine Eagle named Tagoyaman Fernando from the recovery facility Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF), Kalinan, Davao City. (LCESimbajon)

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