2nd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill

[IN PHOTOS] Central Mindanao University personnel from the Office of Human Resource Management (OHRM), Office of University Planning and Development (OUPD), Office of Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), Internal Audit Services (IAS) and the Legal Office participated in the 2nd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill on June 28, 2024.
The drill, facilitated by the Office of University Disaster Risk Reduction Management and the Red Cross Youth aimed to enhance the university’s ability to respond effectively in the event of an actual earthquake. Participants from the OHRM, OUPD, BAC, IAS, and Legal Office conducted the ‘DROP, COVER, and HOLD’ procedure, simulating the crucial initial response to an earthquake. Following this, they successfully evacuated the Administration Extension Building, demonstrating their understanding of the necessary safety protocols.
Throughout the drill, health protocols were strictly followed, emphasizing the importance of safety even in emergency situations. This comprehensive approach reflects CMU’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its staff and students in any circumstance.

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