Tuesday , 26 January 2021
Local task force sets high hopes for Level IV status

Local task force sets high hopes for Level IV status

As the five-day accreditation draws to a close, the pressure persists for the local task force whose programs are under survey.

The hopes of getting the Level IV status are still high amid the rigid verification of documents and strict ocular inspections conducted on different programs.

In order to achieve the highest level of accreditation by AACCUP, programs must obtain the average rating of 4.5 with no area getting a rating lower than 4.0.

The four programs under survey—BS Forestry, BS Home Economics, Bachelor of Secondary Education, and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine—must demonstrate excellent outcomes in the following areas: Mission, Goals, and Objectives; Faculty; Curriculum and Instruction; Support to Students; Research; Extension and Community Involvement; Library; Physical Plant and Facilities; Laboratories; and Administration.

Dr. Agapito Bayron Jr, chief of the university Quality Assurance Office, said: “I am hopeful that we will pass the Level IV Phase I [accreditation].”

He explained that the accreditors’ recommendations will be sent to AACCUP technical board review panel.

“During the exit conference, the accreditors will give the summary of findings and recommendations,” he said. “They will give us the strengths of CMU and areas that need improvement. The Technical Board will be the one to give the verdict.”

Dr. Denis A. Tan, from the local task force for the Bachelor of Secondary Education program, said that she is optimistic that the program will attain the Level IV status.

“I hope that the accreditors see what we saw as Best Practices in our area,” she said citing faculty qualification and the internationalization of their academic programs as examples.

One of the focal persons of the BS Home Economics program, Prof. Annie Fritce A. Aballe, said she also remains hopeful.

According to her, they have the facilities like the output-based laboratory at room HE 9, which impressed the accreditors. They also showcased the ongoing construction of their new building.

“I hope we will pass because our University is giving us the budget to improve our facilities,” Aballe said. “We will have our state-of-the-art building soon which will be functional in 2020. It only means that our University is working towards excellence.”

She added: “We are happy with the recommendations given by our accreditors because this survey visit is for the improvement of our University.”

Dr. Marcelina Bahalla, team leader for the Home Economics program, shared that there were no major problems with the process.

“Maganda ang pinakita ng mga local task force. All the documents asked were delivered. Kung sa iba may sakitan, may iiyak na counterpart kasi hindi ma-take ang pinapagawa—dito wala, excellent ang cooperation,” she said.

Dr. Winda Cejas, library accreditor, also commended the warm accommodation of the host colleges.

“As I have noticed very cooperative lahat and based on our meetings, every document required for submission, they really tried to submit. Whatever missing document they were able to produce it,” she said.

She added that when it comes to attaining the desired Level IV status, they have to base it on their instrument. One of their bases is the site visit and ocular inspection as their mode of verification.

She explained the importance of the Library and why it should have to be state-of-the-art.

“We have the higher end system. The existing ngayon [in the university library] is the barcode system, the higher one is the RFID. Although okay na, but may kulang pa sa system kasi wala pang security gate…” Dr. Cejas said.

She also challenged the university to encourage the students—the millennials—to visit the library because not all that they find in Google is valid. They need to also access the valid journals and other books.

Pamela Valero-Molejon, secretary to the University Librarian, said that the library has linked with other agencies to enhance its services. She shared that yesterday, March 22, they have signed the memorandum of agreement with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) for the Tech4ED project, to cater to the online information needs of the students.

She added: “We’re happy that we’re undergoing accreditation. The university library is now transforming into a library for the millennials…Budget allocations for our state-of-the-art AVR [audio-visual room] will soon be realized.” (IADalipe-Neri)


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