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Alumni, students share insights on CMU

Alumni, students share insights on CMU

CMU alumni and students shared different insights and academic experiences in an interview with the accreditors on the 3rd day of the survey visit, March 21.

Dr. Salome F. Sestina, team leader of the accreditors for the Bachelor of Secondary Education program, asked the alumni whether CMU has given them assistance of any form.

Melanie Suldado, a 2005 BSEd Biology graduate who is currently teaching at the Valencia National High School, said she is grateful for her learnings in CMU especially in the College of Education.

“We have really good professors and I chose this career path because I was inspired by them,” Ms. Suldado added. “I also learn pedagogy and values here in CMU.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Oscar P. Cardenas, accreditor for the BS Forestry program, asked whether the college extended linkages to their alumni.

Mark Daryl C. Janiola, a 2013 alumnus from the College of Forestry and Environmental Science (CFES), answered that the college and their professors linked them with partner agencies like DENR where they can be employed.

In the follow-up interview with Mr. Janiola, he said that CFES is committed to helping its alumni to land jobs.

“In fact, I am currently working at CMU-GeoSafer project [Geoinformatics for the Systematic Assessment of Flood Effects and Risks for a Resilient Mindanao] as a research associate and it is a great honor that I am now serving my alma mater,” he said.

Some students also joined the interview with the accreditors.

Jhon Belle Bardoquillo, third year BSEd English student said he is grateful to CMU for providing for his special needs. Bardoquillo, who has suffered from a rare case of cerebral palsy since childhood, goes to his classes in a wheelchair being pushed by his grandmother.

“CMU catered to my needs, they created ramps and also moved my classes in the ground floor for me to access my classrooms,” he said.

Dr. Danilo S. Hilario, AACCUP overall coordinator, also asked the students for recommendations for the university.

One CFES student, Kleia Deinisa P. Chato, answered that they lack equipment for their laboratory classes like surveying.

“We need Global Positioning System (GPS) device to locate the geographical location, we lack the new devices, we only have the old ones,” Chato said.

Other topics tackled were alumni contribution to CMU, different existing organizations, and the process of approval for student activities.

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Dr. Danilo S. Hilario said he appreciates the student publications of the different colleges. “These are good practices, and we would like other colleges and universities to follow suit, so that the students would also develop their other talents.”

Moreover, in an interview with Dr. Hilario, he said that they are trying to concretize their observations for their report in the exit conference.

“…It would only include the areas that are [considered] strengths of the program, the areas that need improvement as well as our recommendations,” he added. “Level IV accreditation is medyo mabigat, medyo mahirap; when much is given, much is expected.”

The accreditation process has been a concerted effort among the administration, faculty and staff, students, alumni, and the accreditors. (MJTalisay)

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