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Gender Sensitivity Orientation Series 2022: Immersing CMU Employees in a Gender-sensitive Environment

As a yearly activity, the University Center for Gender and Development (UCGAD), together with the Human Resource and Management Office (HRMO), conducted two batches of orientation on gender sensitivity among the newly hired job order, COS (contract of service), and promoted CMU employees on April 12 and 13, at the UCGAD AV Hall.

The orientation aimed to mainstream gender as a social construct and the role of social institutions in reinforcing and perpetuating gender inequalities, recognizing personal gender biases by becoming more aware of gender myths and facts, and demonstrating ability to identify and address gender issues.

In her opening remarks, Dr. Hazel Marie R. Boloron, UCGAD Chief, emphasized that the participants should be able to have a complete grasp of gender as a social construct and internalize how to treat others fairly, not only in the academe but as well as in their respective homes. “So that whatever you have obtained, whatever you have heard, whatever learning experiences you learned today, you should be able to apply it in your day-to-day lives,” Dr. Boloron added.

The orientation for newly hired job order, COS, and promoted CMU employees covered four topics: the talks on Differences between Sex & Gender by Engr. Roger C. Flores, Gender Role Socialization and Development of Gender Stereotype by Dr. Rudjia Faith T. Anino, Manifestation of Gender Biases & Issues by Dr. Josephine M. Gascon, and Gender Fair Language by Dr. Ma. Vivienne Segumpan-Salon.

One speaker highlighted that gender-fair language should be practiced in the academe. Dr. Segumpan-Salon elaborated that using pronouns or words for all gender is less likely to convey stereotypes. For other instances, to avoid being offensive, “you have to ask them how they want to be addressed,” she further added.

Moreover, Dr. Josephine Arbes, the GAD Focal Person of the College of Agriculture, and Ms. Iyren Dalipe-Neri, GAD Focal Person of the Public Relations and Information Office, facilitated the workshops.

Sixty-one participants attended the orientation. The first batch, with 31 participants, consisted of newly hired job order CMU employees, while the second batch, with 30 participants, consisted of COS and newly promoted CMU employees.

As a university, a workplace with a gender-sensitive environment enhances mutual understanding and respect for each other’s roles. (Andrei Solara Jean Azuelo)

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