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Enrolment procedure for in-coming freshmen S.Y. 2011-2012

Enrolment procedure for in-coming freshmen S.Y. 2011-2012



Step 1 

Psychological Testing and Guidance Center (PTGC) for schedule of  Orientation Seminar April 11-18,2011 PTGC Bldg. 

May  2-5, 2011 UCC Bldg.

Step 2

Proceed to respective Colleges and submit your Admission Requirements Respective Colleges 


Step 3

Secure an ADMISSION SLIP and  PERSONAL DATA SHEET Respective Colleges

Step 4

Contact the Program Adviser  for  Advising

Respective Colleges

Step 5

Go to the University Hospital for Physical Examination

University Hospital

Starting April 12, 2011


Only those students with Freshmen  Orientation Certificate can proceed to STEP 6 


Office of the student Affairs (OSA)

Step 6

Proceed to Enrolling Officer who will issue ID number


Respective Colleges


Students interested in CMU- Sponsored Scholarships, grants And other forms of  assistance as well as of external Scholarships are required to file applications at the office  of The Student Affairs before proceeding to step 7


Office of the Student Affairs

Step 7

See the Enrolling Officer who will issue the Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)

Respective Colleges

Step 8

Pay Colleges Fees to your Colleges Student Council Respective Colleges

Step 9

Pay your tuition fees at the Cashier’s Office

Admin Bldg.


Submit the following document to get your Certificate Enrolment

  • O.R. issued by the Cashier’s office
  • O.R. issued by the Colleges Council
  • Pre-Registration Form (PRF)
  • Admission Slip & Personal Data Sheet.
Office of the University Registrar (Admin Bldg.)

Step 11

Proceed to the public Informantion Office (PIO) for your ID Processing. PIO Bldg. (near main gate )june 6-7,2011
Step 12 Apply for the University Housing Accomodation at the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA)

Office of the Student Affairs(OSA) June 6-17, 2011


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