Dr. Perez highlights competency for faculty development

Distinguished human resource and organizational development consultant Dr. Fe Jennifer B. Perez graced the Faculty Conference 2023, October 4, 2023, at the University Convention Center and shared insights on faculty development.

A former Political Science faculty of the university, Dr. Perez returned to CMU to deliver her talk Advancing the Core Competencies of Educators in the Public Sector: The Competency-based Approach in Faculty Career Development. She discussed the present trends in the field of human resource management. She also emphasized the importance of investing in faculty development for the university’s benefit.

“The best resource is human resource,” Dr. Perez said.

She also challenged the faculty to show their credentials through actions.

“Translate now your credentials to actual skills and attitudes,” Dr. Perez added.

Dr. Perez also noted that competencies are measurable and can be observed in a person. She added that the current trend in assessing faculty performance focuses on competency. She also laid out the four different types of competencies that the faculty must possess – core, leadership, organizational, and technical.

Dr. Perez ended her lecture with tips on how to improve one’s competencies. She also accepted the invitation of the University President Dr. Rolito G. Eballe to return at another time to organize other activities for the capability development of the faculty and staff.

Apart from the lecture, the faculty conference also included the introduction of newly hired faculty and recognition of returning scholars and faculty authors.

The faculty conference is an annual event to provide a venue for sharing information and updates relevant to the teaching profession. This was conducted in celebration of the World Teacher’s Day. [Johnica Chantal Montero]

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