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The accomplishment of our alumni is a reliable measure of how the college attained one of its goals which is to develop manpower to promote quality research, extension and production activities for sustainable development and environment conservation. Their accomplishments may bring significant benefit to the college and the community. Their works serve as voices that echo the dynamic excellence of CAS as an academic haven inspiring others to follow and advance the common good. To celebrate these accomplishments, the college will sponsor four award categories for distinguished alumni.

 A. General Eligibility Requirements

1. Open to all living alumna/alumnus who obtained undergraduate or graduate degree from CAS

2. Should not be a current employee of CMU

B. Mechanics

1. Candidates may be nominated by CMU faculty, staff, alumni, students and friends through nomination forms. Self-nominations are also accepted. Nomination forms will be available from each department, CAS office, CMU website ( and Facebook (CMUnista).

2. Nominations must be received, in hard or electronic copy, by August 21, 2015 through the following:

Hard Copy: Glenda Z. Doblas, CAS-BIO, CMU, Musuan, Bukidnon


3. CAS-SAC notifies eligible nominees

4. Notified nominees may comply with the forms and documentary requirements allotted timeframe. Documentary requirements include curriculum vitae of the nominee together with certified true copies of awards/credentials or any supporting documents.

5. CAS-SAC will evaluate all submissions.

6. Winners will be recognized during the CAS Unified Foundation on September 2015 with plaque.

C. Submitting the Nomination

1. Read first the award criteria and eligibility requirements.

2. Address the questions for each award category in your supporting letters. Content of the supporting letter need not be limited to these questions.

3. Fill out nominations forms and submit, in either hard copy or e-copy, to: 

Hard Copy: Glenda Z. Doblas, CAS-BIO, CMU, Musuan, Bukidnon 



D. Awards

1. Alumni College Service Award

a. Purpose of the award: To acknowledge and encourage services of the alumni to the college.

b. Awarded for extended, outstanding and/or extraordinary service to the college.

c. Given to only one person yearly and need not be awarded each year.

d. To be addressed in the nomination:   

 a. In what ways and how long has the candidate served the college and its alumni?  

 b. In what ways has the service been outstanding and/or extraordinary?  

 c. How did the college benefit from this service?

e. Criteria for Evaluation    

  a. Services to the college (60%)  

  b. Impact of the service to the college (40%)

2. Alumni Humanitarian and Public Service Award

a. Purpose of the award: To honor alumni who benefited society through active voluntarism and leadership in humanitarian and public service.

b. To be addressed in the nomination:

         a. In what ways and how long has the candidate served the public?

         b. In what ways has the service been outstanding and/or extraordinary?

         c. How did the candidate contribute to building a better society?

c. Criteria for Evaluation

a. Achievement/recognition in his/her respective field. (60%)

         b. Impact of the service to the community. (40%)


3. Alumni Professional Achievement Award

a. Purpose of the award: To recognize outstanding achievements of the alumni in their professional field giving distinction to themselves and to the college.

b. Awarded to one person per area but need not be given yearly.

1. Medical Arts (Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Physical Therapists,
Dental Hygienists and other medical-allied fields)

2. Industry 

3. Education (College Professors, Elementary and High School Teachers)

4. Business/Entrepreneurship

5. Science and Technology

c. To be addressed in the nomination:

1. What are the outstanding professional achievements giving distinction to the candidate and the college?

2. How did the candidate benefit the community?

d. Criteria for Evaluation

1. Achievement/recognition in his/her respective field. (60%)

2. Impact of the service to the community. (40%)

4. Alumni Family Award

a. Given to families who produced at least 3 successive generations of CAS alumni

b. To be addressed in the nomination:

Provide the following data: 

     Generation 1: Name, Course, Year Graduated

Generation 2: Name, Course, Year Graduated

Generation 3: Name, Course, Year Graduated

c. Criteria for Evaluation               

At least 3 successive generations of CAS alumni


Target Date


August 12, 2015


August 21, 2015

Last Day of Nomination for Outstanding Alumni Award

August 28, 2015

Last Day for Submission of Requirements for Outstanding Alumni Award

September 1-4, 2015


September 2015

Awarding Ceremony


Download form here

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