Thursday , 4 March 2021
CMUFAI officers, ADCO members attend blessing and turn-over rites of the new CMUFAI building

CMUFAI officers, ADCO members attend blessing and turn-over rites of the new CMUFAI building

The CMU Administrative Council (ADCO) members and the CMUFAI officers attended the blessing and turn-over rites of the new CMUFAI building, which will serve as the associationโ€™s office last January 28, 2021, at the CMUFAI Building, Central Mindanao University.

โ€œMay this building serve as a landmark, a vibrant aspiration for the better future of CMUFAI, in harmony with the ideals and aspirations of Central Mindanao University,โ€ Prof. Juanito Q. Jumalon, CMUFAI Vice President, said in his welcome remarks. He further acknowledged the men and women behind the realization of this building. โ€œWe would not have gathered around this building today without the efforts of the CMU Administration headed by our University President, Jesus Antonio G. Derije, and the perseverance and dedication of the former CMUFAI President, Dr. Virgencita B. Caro,โ€ he added.

The University President also asserted his support for the establishment of the CMUFAIโ€™s long-time project โ€“ to have their very own CMUFAI Office. โ€œGood for the Faculty Association because they have enough budget to build the CMUFAI office. So, we are blessed because we have supportive comrades from the senate, and we always treasure their support for SUCs,โ€ he affirmed. Dr. Derije further shared his plans to put up a CMUFAI complex.
โ€œI will never forget the kindness of our president in helping us look for funds to provide us with a decent shelter, which we call the CMUFAI home,โ€ Dr. Caro shared during her message. She expressed her hopes for the CMUFAI office to become a nurturing ground, a freedom hall for faculty to express and challenge ideas but never to be despised nor threatened. โ€œBecause whether we like it or not, it is the faculty who is the life of the University. The quality of our faculty will tell us the quality of our University,โ€ she added.

The current CMUFAI President, Dr. Rolito G. Eballe, also expressed his deepest gratitude to the people behind the successful realization and construction of the CMUFAI building during his acceptance speech. โ€œAs the end-user of the facility, the newly appointed CMUFAI officers are ready to accept the privilege as well as the responsibility. They are ready to extend hands as good stewards who will be maintaining and safeguarding the property to maximize its full potential and utilization capacity,โ€ he affirmed. (ATEnguito)

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