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CMU SHS-JHS stands out for 1st Joint Palaro 2017

Genuine smiles… Bubbling laughter… Deafening yells…Historic duo described the 1st Joint CMU Senior High School and Junior High School (SHS-JHS) Palaro 2017.

CMU SHS-JHS Palaro is a 5-day event held on October 18-20 and 23-24 with the theme “Play, Unite, and Build.”

The Palaro is an annual event that provides avenue for students to build camaraderie, enhance skills and talents, and develop sportsmanship.

It has 12 different indoor and outdoor playoffs using the single round robin elimination.

Three ecstatic teams competed for junior high school category which include Aphreonide Guardians {composed of Venus (G-10), Neon (G-9), Gemini (G-8), Jade (G-7)};  El Zeuvirion Sentinels {composed of Jupiter (G-10), Helium (G-9), Virgo (G-8), Diamond (G-7)}; and Herzaprion Knights {composed of Mercury (G-10), Krypton (G-9), Capricorn (G-8), Topaz (G-7)}.

Furthermore, four teams competed for senior high school which include Gray Hounds, Red Dragon, Green Panthers, and Blue Badgers.

In an interview with Charity Mae T. Banda, the president of CMULHS Supreme Student Council Organization said that it was a big challenge for them since they have their individual and cultural differences.

“Together with my colleagues, we try to look for the loopholes in our plans, start with what we have and visualize what we can do,” Ms. Banda added.

Despite of the terrible weather condition during the games, the students did not break the flame of enthusiasm; instead they remained zealous in completing the different games and socio cultural activities.

All efforts and perseverance were paid off after the thrilling games. For junior high school, Aphreonide guardians championed the tournament, El Zeuvirion Sentinels as the 1st runner up, and Herzaprion Knights as the 2nd runner up.

Gray Hounds team championed the senior high school category, Blue Badgers team as the 1st runner up, Red Dragon as the 2nd runner up, and Green Panthers as the 3rd runner up.

Dr. Denis T. Tan, CMU Laboratory High School principal, said that prior to the event the administration together with Dr. Raul C. Orongan, dean of the college of Education and other stakeholders decided to come up with joint palaro to enrich learning experiences and to establish good relationship between and among the students.

“The experience of having a joint palaro is the beginning of friendship and I am looking forward for this in the next years to come,” Dr. Tan added.

Other palaro events included the socio cultural activities like dancesports, saludo, unity dance, and Mr. and Ms. Palaro (Junior and senior high school category). MLTalisay

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