Sunday , 24 January 2021
CMU passes ISO Stage 1 Audit

CMU passes ISO Stage 1 Audit

Central Mindanao University passed the ISO 9001:2015 First Stage Audit as per announced by Engr. Christine Anne Formalejo, Auditor, from TUVSUD Productivity Standards Board (PSB) during the First Stage Audit-Closing Meeting held at Farmer’s Training Center, on Wednesday, February 26.

“The organization is ready for the certification, and you are ready for your stage 2 audit,” said Engr. Formalejo.

Dr. Jesus Antonio G. Derije, President of Central Mindanao University (CMU), congratulated CMU for passing stage 1 ISO audit.

“We have to thank everyone for their support. We know that we can do it because everyone is helping us to make it sure that we can pass level 1,” he said.

He also expressed his utmost and usual support for everyone, especially for CMU.

During the Opening Meeting, which happened earlier in the morning, Dr. Derije said in his Welcome Remarks that CMU is determined to pass ISO.

“We’ve gone through the years, a lot of undertakings. We prepared a lot of things for the ISO, but we want to do it slowly but surely,” said Dr. Derije.

Meanwhile, the man of the day, Dr. Jose S. Valmorida, Director of Quality Assurance, is very happy and grateful for the success.

“I’m very happy at this [moment]; CMU was able to take-off finally the ISO journey. And now that we completed stage 1, the challenge now is to continue for stage 2, which is the final certification stage,” he stated.

Dr. Valmorida also said that he is hopeful that everyone will still extend the same cooperation and support [in stage 2 audit] for the sake of CMU and that of the whole university.

The audit was graced by highly esteemed Auditors: Engr. Eugenia Santiago as Technical Expert from MSU-IIT and Engr. Christine Anne Formalejo as Auditor from TUVSUD Productivity Standards Board and being participated by all College Deans, Directors, and Heads of all Units, Internal Auditors, and ISO focal persons of every unit.

The event started with an Opening Meeting where Engr. Formalejo presented the Audit Plan, and she explained the processes and the flow of each activity. Right after, the auditors, together with CMU dignitaries, went on Site Inspection of facilities around the campus.

Afterward, they conducted review and verification of documented information in a random sampling method, steered an interview with the top management for the priorities for the planning of the Stage 2 Audit, and lastly, evaluated the stage 1 audit outcomes and areas of concern.

Accordingly, the University sought to be certified by Standard ISO 9001 version 2015, which is the “Provision and Development of Graduate, Undergraduate degrees, and Non-degree programs, Research and Extension, and University Services.”

The ISO certification ensures the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems, mainly for standardization and quality assurance. For the 9001 version, it helps organizations be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction, which is why, in line and to realize the vision and mission of CMU, it has to go through the said certification. (HSCañete)

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