Monday , 12 April 2021
Aggies Regains CMU Palaro 2012 Title

Aggies Regains CMU Palaro 2012 Title

The Aggies Team made it again! Garnering a total score of 450 points, the team regains the trophy for the overall champion in  this year’s palaro for students while the Wildcats and the Ace Warriors placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively.  For many years, the Aggies team maintained the post.  It was only last year when the Wild Cats grabbed the post.

The Aggies won 1st place in the cheerdance competition, basketball,  sepak takraw, swimming and  football, both for men and women divisions; meanwhile, the team won 2nd place in softball, badminton and track and field for women; and in volleyball, softball, badminton and track and field for men; and, 3rd place in dancesports.

On the other hand, the Wildcats, the 2011 Palaro champion,  got 1st place in volleyball,Brazilian checker, lawn tennis, softball and track and field  for men and table tennis for women; 2nd place in basketball and football, for both men and women and in sepak takraw, lawn tennis, chess and swimming for men; Brazilian checker and badminton for women;3rdplace in cheerdance as well as in badminton, table tennis and  chess for men and softball, sepaktakraw,track and field for women.

 Coming close to the second placer is the Ace Warriors team, a composite of the College of Arts and Sciences, Education, and Commerce and Accountancy.  Ace Warriors won  1st place in chess for both men and women; table tennis for men, lawn tennis and Brazilian checker for women. The team also won 2nd place in the cheerdance competition and dancesports; volleyball, softball, sepaktakraw, softball and volleyball for women, 3rd place in basketball for both men and women; volleyball for women; sepaktakraw,  Brazilian checker, softball for men and cheerdance.

Meanwhile, Firefox won 1st place in volleyball women and badminton for men and in the dancesports competition. Likewise, the team also won 2nd place in table tennis, chess and badminton for women; Brazilian checker and track and field for men and 3rd place in swimming, lawn tennis and football for both men and women.

The Aggies, as it has always been, is solely comprised by the College of Agriculture;  the Wildcats, last year’s champion, is solely made up of the students  of  the College of  Engineering while the Ace Warriors is a merging of the Colleges of Commerce and Accountancy, Education and Arts and Sciences and the Firefox is composed of the Colleges of Forestry, Home Economics, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine.

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