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70% passing percentage in July 2014 Licensure Examination for Agricultural Engineers

Fourteen  out of  20 graduates of   the Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering passed the Board of Licensure Examination on July 1-2, 2014  held in  Manila and Davao City.

CMU got a passing percentage of 70 percent, which is almost 20 percent higher  than the national passing  percentage of  50.24 percent  based on  623 total number of examinees wherein 313 of them passed.

At present, the total enrolees of Agricultural Engineering course for the 2nd semester of SY 2013-2014 and 1st semester of SY 2014-2015  are  179 and 213, respectively. This shows that there was almost 19% increase on the enrolment. Fifty seven students (about 27 percent of the Department’s population)  are also recipients of scholarship programs like academic scholarship, politicians-sponsored scholarships, socialized tuition fees and grant in aid. Moreover,  16  students  were included in the Dean’s lists of the College of Engineering with a GPA of 1.0 to 2.0 last 2nd semester of SY 2013-2014.

To maintain  the quality standard  of teaching  and  the higher  passing percentage rate compared to the national passing percentage, the Department  continuously conduct several researches. One of the  completed  researches  was  headed by Dr. Perfecto B. Bojo on the study of “Stream Channel Characterization” which is collaborated by Engr. Rex O. Yadao. Other faculty members play the role of an adviser  for students doing their thesis.

The research project on  Kilabagon Creek Catchment  Basin Characterization is headed by  Dr. Nelsa J. Olila who is at the same time  the study leader of  Study 1 on “Land-use Characterization of Kilabagon  Catchment Basin”.    The study 2  on “Stream Channel Characterization” is  headed by Prof. Rodrigo C. Bayawa and Dr. Perfecto B. Bojo  in collaboration with  Engr. Rex O. Yadao. All these studies are  completed as scheduled.

The Department conducted extension activities for six (6) months under the Extension Project “Training Needs Assessment on Postharvest Operations of Rice, Corn and Vegetable Farmers in Northern Bukidnon”. These was break down into three (3) studies and each study was leaded by Prof. Nelsa J. Olila, Engr. Rex O. Yadao and Engr. Rowena P. Rosales on the TNA on Postharvest operations on Rice, Corn and Vegetable, respectively. Agricultural Engineering Department Faculty were also involved in extension projects, two (2) faculty members were involved CMU-PhilMech Extension Project on the Mechanization and Postharvest Technologies as technical committee members and currently pushing one (1) extension project related to the CMU-PhilMech extension project entitled “Training Needs Assessment on Postharvest Operations of Rice, Corn and Vegetable Farmers in Bukidnon.” Another faculty member is also involved in the DOE-CMU-Affiliated Renewable Energy Center. (ALN)

Ronald Nalasa

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