Honorees, outstanding students, 123 junior completers recognized

By: Jubie U. Pacaldo and Renalyn G. Padoginog

Another set of honor and outstanding high school students, including the 123 junior completers were recognized and awarded during the CMULHS 63rd recognition program & 2nd moving-up ceremony, June 1, at the University Convention Center.

Themed with β€œCMU: A Partner for Change in Accelerating ASEAN Integration,” awardees and completers were encouraged to pursue what they love to do for themselves and [for the community] and to keep on learning.

Dr. Judith D. Intong, vice president for Academic Affairs, confirmed the certificate of completion for the candidates in behalf of the university president, Dr. Maria Luisa R. Soliven.

The outgoing CMULHS Student Supreme Student Council officers were also given plaques of recognition to acknowledge their exemplary contribution to empowering students do their duties and responsibilities well, among other development endeavors for the university in general.Β 3

Dr. Jane P. Blancaver, a medical doctor by profession, was the ceremony’s guest speaker. She highlighted her life experiences where students can draw great lessons needed for their life’s journey in pursuit of their dreams.

She also stressed that the teachers’ intention behind the tough subjects was to help their students become a person they can be, and to unleash the students’ inner skills and potentials.

Dr. Blancaver, also an alumna, took the opportunity to share seven advices towards reaching goals in life. She encouraged everyone to work hard for things won’t come easily, to be humble for it is a promising attitude an individual can have, to smile so as to maintain a positive attitude, to be courteous and respectful, to get involved on what truly interests them, to follow the golden rule which says β€œdo unto others what you want others to do unto you,” and to follow their dreams no matter what comes along the way.2

Also, a thanksgiving program was held at the Farmer’s Training Center earlier in the morning with Fr. John Paul S. Tuble giving tribute to the parents. Words of gratitude were given by Jhon Earl S. Veluz, Mrs. Rosela A. Esporma, and Dr. Tan who were grade 10 ninth honor, a parent, and a teacher, respectively.

Vicc C. Remedio, class first honors, ended the ceremony expressing his gratitude in behalf of the CMULHS Junior High School completers, to the Almighty God, CMU administration, teachers, parents, friends and acquaintances for the milestone they achieved.

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