Search for 2012 CMU ALUMNI AWARDEES for Golden Jubilarians (1962 graduates) Silver Jubilarians (1987 graduates) High School or College Levels


  • In due recognition of the outstanding accomplishments of the alumni of the University on regular basis, the CMUAAI Board decided to give awards every year to the golden and silver jubilarians
  • For this year (2012), the awardees are the graduates of 1962 and 1987


  • Any CMU alumnus/alumna may nominate candidate/prospective awardee.
  • Nomination with supporting documents should be submitted to any of the members of the Evaluation Committee not later than September 5, 2012.
  • An alumnus can be nominated only in one of the award categories.
  • The decision of the Alumni Awards and Evaluation Committees shall be final and non-contestable.
  • No posthumous award shall be given.
  • The signatories of the plaque are the Presidents of the University and the CMUAAI, and the Chairs of the CMUAAI Awards and Evaluation Committees.


  1. Outstanding Golden Jubilarian in Public Service
  2. Outstanding Golden Jubilarian in Entrepreneurship
  3. Outstanding Golden Jubilarian in Education
  4. Outstanding Golden Jubilarian in Research and Development
  5. Outstanding Golden Jubilarian in Community Development
  6. Outstanding Golden Jubilarian in Culture and Arts
  7. Outstanding Silver Jubilarian in Public Service
  8. Outstanding Silver Jubilarian in Entrepreneurship
  9. Outstanding Silver Jubilarian in Education
  10. Outstanding Silver Jubilarian in Research and Development
  11. Outstanding Silver Jubilarian in Community Development
  12. Outstanding Silver Jubilarian in Culture and Arts


  • Must have graduated from CMU, high school or college in 1962 for golden jubilarians and 1987 for silver jubilarians in any of the following:
  1. Mailag Industrial School;
  2. Bukidnon Rural High School;
  3. Bukidnon National Agricultural School;
  4. Mindanao Agricultural College (MAC);
  5. Any of the colleges of Central Mindanao University (CMU); or
  6. University Laboratory High School.
  • Nominees should have good moral integrity
  • Living at the time of nomination
  • Nominees should have no pending cases/legal impediments or derogatory records


  1. Copy of high school or college diploma
  2. Most recent/updated and notarized curriculum vitae
  3. Personal Data
  4. Educational Background
  5. Work Experience (Service Record if government employee)
  6. Qualifications or Eligibility
  7. Language Spoken
  8. Membership to Socio-civic, Scientific and Professional Organization (including local, regional, national and international societies)
  9. List of seminars, trainings, workshops and conventions attended as either speaker, moderator, facilitator, or participant
  10. List of at least 3 reference persons
  11. Letter of nomination from an alumnus stating the award category
  12. Barangay Clearance and a photocopy of 2012 Residence Certificate
  13. Certificate of good moral character from the head of the agency/LGU executive of his residence
  14. Three (3) copies of 2 x 2 identical pictures taken within the last 6 months
  15. Three letters of endorsement from superiors and/or colleagues
  16. Letter of guarantee that the nominee will be present during the awarding ceremony
  17. List (hard copies) of outstanding accomplishments related to the category where nominated


Outstanding Golden/Silver Jubilarian in Education

Additional Documents Needed 

  • Teacher’s Performance Evaluation
  • Certification of three colleagues or superiors or any appropriate authority:

–     attesting to the morality and integrity of the nominee both in public and private life;

–     attesting to the courtesy, dedication, diligence, generosity, good faith, honesty, humility, kindness,  love,  love of country, perseverance, solicitude for children/students, tolerance

–     Good human relations in the school and in the community

  • Teaching  load as authenticated by the appropriate authority, if still in service
  • Copies of instructional  materials must be made available by the nominee such as updated course syllabi, course outlines, books, pamphlets  and other tools for effective teaching
  • Original creative outputs
  • List of innovative and creative programs and ideas in the fields of education- including objectives, strategies employed and evaluation tools on the impact of the program
  • List of curricular and co-curricular activities
  • Educational attainment and professional advancement. 

Criteria for Judging 

Classroom performance 40%
Scholarships/fellowships awards 20%
Work ethics 10%
Membership and contribution to socio-civic organizations 10%
Contributions to the field of education 20%
TOTAL 100%

Outstanding Golden/Silver Jubilarian in Entrepreneurship

Additional Documents Needed 

  • Three (3) letters of recommendation from colleagues in business
  • SEC Registration of business to include list of people that have been employed by the business enterprise of the nominee
  • DTI Registration of business as evidence of entrepreneurship activities that have great impact to the community
  • Awards or recognition of entrepreneurial activities
  • Documents attesting to prior work in the field of business/entrepreneurship
  • List of seminars, lectures, workshops, trainings and conferences conducted as organizer or participant
  • List of prior and present entrepreneurship projects/activities specifically on:
    • livelihood
    • capacity building – governance, information dissemination,
    • environmental awareness
    • peace advocacy
    • health advocacies e.g. reproductive health
    • gender and development
    • culture dialogue and projects

Criteria for Judging

Entrepreneurial skills

  • Income/Profit (Books of Accounts)
  • Generation of employment
Product or technology promotion  (attested by users) 20%
Socio-civic membership 10%
Corporate and social responsibility as entrepreneur 10%
Work ethics 10%
Awards or recognition received relevant to the category 10%
TOTAL 100%


Outstanding Golden/Silver Jubilarian in Public Service

 Additional Documents Needed 

  • Awards or recognition related to government service
  • List of socio-civic memberships (hard copies and authenticated photocopies)
  • Hard copies or evidences of meritorious activities that have great impact to the government in general and the community in particular
  • List of seminars, lectures and workshops conducted to disseminate information as organizer
  • List of seminars, trainings and conferences attended as participant
  • List of community projects/activities specifically on:
    • livelihood
    • capacity building – governance, information dissemination,
    • environmental awareness
    • peace advocacy
    • health advocacies e.g. reproductive health
    • gender and development
    • culture dialogue and projects

Criteria for Judging

Contribution to government service or NGO’s 40%
Length of service 10%
Position or rank 10%
Post-graduate degree trainings, conferences and seminars 10%
Membership to socio-civic- professional and Scientific organizations 10%
Work ethics 10%
Awards and recognition received 10%
TOTAL 100%






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