Monday , 25 January 2021
‘They need our support’: President Derije motivates researchers to share outputs of research to communities within CMU

‘They need our support’: President Derije motivates researchers to share outputs of research to communities within CMU

CMU President Jesus Antonio G. Derije inspired the university researchers to also share their outputs through the extension to the communities within the university during the 5th RDE Congress’ opening program through a video conferencing on November 23.

“We’ve got our settlers in the nearby area, we’ve got the indigenous people in our area, they need our support especially the output of research,” the university president said in his message. “That’s why I have been inspiring Dr. Dacillo … and Dr. Casas, that together with the team, we can reach out our settlers,” he added.

Dr. Derije also extended his appreciation to the concerted efforts of the research, development, and extension team and affirmed his full support as a father of the university. He also enumerated some of the recently approved research fundings from various partner agencies.

“I am very inspired by the information given by Dr. Casas, our Research Office director because the NICER [Niche Centers in the Regions for Research and Development] funds 33M for Bamboo research. Another 20M approved funding for Falcata research and 60.9M for Land Use Development in Infrastructure Program. Last week, I signed a 5M research on ASF from the College of Veterinary Medicine, among other funding from various agencies. This is a manifestation that CMU is really doing its best [in research],” he encouraged.

“We need to level up,” he added as he signified his desire to allocate more budget for CMU researches coming from the university’s income. “We need this so that we do not need to depend massively on outside funding institutions,” he shared.

“After all, we have enough funds especially our Resource Generation Management Office under the leadership of Dr. Sudaria, who is also doing well… We can complement this with research as this is [one of the] best practices in our university,” Dr. Derije said.

The 5th RDE Congress is a two-day event guided with the theme “Sustaining the Culture of Research and Extension at CMU amidst COVID-19.”

Various faculty and staff were given an opportunity to present their research and development results, which will be thoroughly evaluated by the renowned evaluators from CARAGA and Northern Mindanao regions (RGPadoginog).

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