Friday , 22 January 2021
Stakeholders gather  for CMU accreditation

Stakeholders gather for CMU accreditation

By: IADalipe-Neri

Different stakeholders including students, faculty, staff, alumni and members of the community gathered on Tuesday afternoon to discuss with the accreditors positive points and key issues of the university.

Most of the responses were commendations for CMU especially in the field of quality education.

Dr. Maria Luisa R. Soliven, university president, disclosed that it has been the practice of the university to invite stakeholders to participate every time they revise or formulate new curricula to include their concepts or inputs.

Some issues raised by the stakeholders included the need for fast Internet connection, online enrollment process, and upgrading of facilities, among others.
Aside from that, the President and some members of the Board of Regents and the administrative council were also interviewed by the accreditors on Tuesday morning.
The university officials answered questions on the university’s key areas, specifically on finances, research, faculty evaluation, employment status, research interface with instruction, and graduates’ employability.

“We do not only give you the good side of CMU but also give you our struggles because I know that we can also learn from you—you can also share what you know—your expertise to us,”Dr. Soliven said.

She added, “We should know the realities so that we can be able to share how these problems we are encountering should be given solutions.”



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