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RDE holds 3rd annual celebration

RDE holds 3rd annual celebration

RDE holds 3rd annual celebration

Extension Director Dr. Emmanuel T. Baltazar, University President Dr. Maria Luisa R. Soliven, VP for Research and Extension Dr. Luzviminda T. Simborio and Prof. Armida Baliquig with the faculty staff & students during the ribbon cutting/ opening of RDE week on November 17-21, 2014

Year  2014 marks the 3rd Research Development and Extension (RDE) week celebration after  the research development  and extension  interfaced.

The  extension and research units  have been existing for a long time. CMU  had started to celebrate   its marriage since year 2012. “We  will have the long week celebration starting today to November 21, 2014”, University Extension Director Emmanuel T. Baltazar said during the opening program  at the University Convention Center. The activity is anchored  on the theme:  Building dreams, Empowering Communities and Securing the Future.

This year’s celebration  features the  generation and utilization of knowledge to enhance  capability and improve  people’s quality of life.   This is the time of thanksgiving for the resources  of the previous year, the partnership forged, and the recognition of the community  and industry partners  of the University.

In her message, University President Dr. Maria Luisa Rupac- Soliven congratulated and thanked the RDE men and women   for their  efforts and success of the activities prepared for the celebration.  “ I am happy to see more and more students involved.  This is not only a thanksgiving but  recognizing the effort on the technologies generated  as well as the products produced.  I am so very happy, and rest assured I am always here to support all your endeavors”, Dr. Soliven added.

Meanwhile,  the  Vice-President for Research and Extension Dr. Luzviminda T. Simborio  expressed her warm felicitations to the people behind RDE accomplishments. “ I know that  you are all inspired  because RDE does not stop here, but you have to  go out  in the community where we served. The support of the  administration contributed so much and let us work for this University-the Academic Paradise of the South”, Dr. Simborio said.

Part of the activities were the launching the 1st  CMU Video Story, games spearheaded   by the different colleges such  as  pakulo and gimiks,  balik bata child games,  show time, and variety show. The College of Nursing, likewise,  presented  the Alternative Medicine- Stem Cell Therapy.

IEC materials  and CMU Journal of Science  were also exhibited. There was a free access to the e-copy of abstracts of  students  undergraduate thesis  from 1997 to 2014 and the University Research and Extension Projects/ Studies  from 2012  to 2013.

Center of Biodiversity  Research and Extension in Mindanao (CEBREM) displayed posters  and IEC materials generated  form research on biodiversity. A book sale for  Lycopodiaceae of the Philippine Islands,  annotated Bibliography of the Philippine Biodiversity Filicopsida (Ferns), field guide for the  pitcher plants of the Phils. and Philippine Medicinal  Ferns and Lycopods was also held.

-Ann Nambatac

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