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No age limit to  teach in TFPI

No age limit to teach in TFPI

No age limit to  teach in TFPI

SSC President Angelo A. Acenas, Teach for the Philippines Representatives Ms. Priscilla Esther Q. Relova and Ms. Maria Michaela S. Bautista, International Relations Head Dr. Joy M. Jamago and IRO Staff Junrie Anthony M. Remollo
Photo by Jeson Candole

International Relations Officer Dr. Joy M. Jamago expressed her  thanks to  the organizers of Teach for the Philippines, Inc. as it gives hope to  retirees to teach even after their retirement age.  TFPI Representative Maria Michaela S. Bautista said that “No age limit for  those interested individual  who wants to  teach  under  our organization, provided that the applicant is qualified.”  Furthermore, Dr. Jamago  explained that she is pretty sure that there are some other retirees who would like to continue their teaching passion and profession even after retirement. “This was  the hanging question  raised by one of our professors here in CMU, the  possibility to   teach for the organization even after retirement.” The aforementioned statement was said by  Dr. Jamago  in an up close interview during  a  forum held  last  September 17, 2015 at  the Human Ecology Room-14, College of Human Ecology.

During the forum, Bautista spoke about “Nation- Building  through  Education: Invest in  Teaching and Yourself” in which she emphasized that  working as a public school teacher is a passion. “Once you will become a fellow of TFP, you will avail of the trainings and seminars, plus, the organization will spend for your  study for additional 18 units of education to prepare yourselves  in taking  the Licensure Examination for Teachers,”  Baustista said.

Moreover, it was learned  that a screening started mid-September  of 2015 in which Revolva was reported to say that “Pag kayo ay natanggap because you belong to the best, then you enjoy  the salary equivalent to Teacher I chargeable against the organization fund.”

-Annabel L. Nambatac/ Chantal  Espinosa

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