Friday , 5 March 2021
New Normal: CMU recognizes academic, special awardees through virtual recognition

New Normal: CMU recognizes academic, special awardees through virtual recognition

Outstanding students from the second semester (SY 2018-2019) and first semester (SY 2019-2020), including the university’s board top-notchers, were recognized during the virtual recognition program aired at the university’s official Facebook Page, CMU Today, on July 24, 2020.

Dr. Jesus Antonio G. Derije, CMU President, acknowledged the endeavors of the students despite the pandemic. “I know the effort you’ve been through in doing your best to excel academically despite the threat of COVID-19… Indeed, you make CMU proud not only your parents and professors, but the entire CMU academic community rejoices with you in this momentous occasion,” he said. He positively hopes that students will continue to excel and reap the laurels of their future undertakings.

A total of 65 university honors, 690 college honors, 333 first year honors, and six special awardees were given due recognition. The university also recognized the graduates who hailed as top-notchers in their respective 2019 licensure board examinations. Among them are Dr. Paul D. Valcorza, Jr., 1st place, Veterinary Licensure Examination; Dr. Kyle A. Tumapang, 6th place, Veterinary Licensure Examination; Raihana U. Toke, 6th place, Licensure Examination for Teachers (Secondary); Marian Babe L. Bonilla, 7th place, Licensure Examination for Teachers (Elementary; Engr. Jan Joe S. Carcillar, 8th place Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination; and Jayren Mark O. Minguillan, 9th place, Chemical Technician Licensure Examination.

The university’s College of Education and Laboratory High School also recognized the unwavering hard work of the senior high school students led by their dean, Dr. Gladys S. Escarlos, and principal, Prof. Ma. Elena E. Derije, respectively. A total of 15 grade 11 and 10 grade 12 students having 95-100% GWA received with the high honors award, and 325 grade 11 and 180 grade 12 students with 90-94% GWA received with the honors award.

Dr. Jose Alexander C. Abella, Vice President for Academic Affairs, together with other members of the academic council, also extended their congratulations to all academic and special awardees for the Academic Year 2019-2020. He stated that students’ performance and achievement unfolded their commitment to academic excellence. “Soar high, be ambitious in your endeavors, particularly in your academic endeavors in the university,” he asserted.  (ACDoña)

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