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“More dynamic, even more functional, and friendly to users,” Dr. Tan on Doorstep

  In continuing the battle to beat COVID 19, a lot of institutions have been devising ways to adapt to the “new normal” – extreme sanitation, strict observance of social distancing, and as much as possible lesser face to face interaction and transactions. It is also evident that one of the most affected sectors when it comes to dealing with this “new normal” is our education system.

We, at Central Mindanao University, are glad to inform everyone that we have gone online for our enrollment process for all year levels.

In the comfort of their own homes, as long as they have an internet connection, ULHSAT, SHSAT, CMUCAT, and GSAT takers may submit their application online. They may also see their results online and prepare all the necessary documents ahead of time needed for the enrollment process.

In an interview with Dr. Denis A. Tan, Director of Office of Admission, Scholarships, and Placement, she said that CMU is blessed to have Doorstep, our very own homegrown program for our admission system. Now even with the crisis that we are facing, students who wish to enroll in the university may do so with the help of Doorstep. However, Doorstep is not new to CMU, for it has already been in service for a year now. “Before COVID, we already have Doorstep, our admission system, which is very essential not only to our admission exams but specifically to our billing to CHED,” Dr. Tan said.

 Doorstep is originally developed by Mr. Rinante M. Buntod (MIS), and is currently managed by Mr. Neptune Comoda and Mr. Royette Gayon (OASP).

The entire enrollment process is a collaborative effort of the different offices in the University. These offices are Office of the University Registrar (OUR), Office of Admission, Scholarships, and Placement (OASP), Public Relations and Information Office (PRIO), National Service Training Program (NSTP), Office of Student Affairs (OSA), Psychological Testing and Guidance Center (PTGC), and the CMU Hospital.

            “This is something new,” says Dr. Tan, but with CMU’s aim to go for internationalization, this will be one of our edges. “[Doorstep] I believe, will be more dynamic, and even more functional, and friendly to users. Especially if the enhancement of our Student Information System (SIS) will be implemented… This will also be an opportunity to improve our ICT infrastructures and software.”

Dr. Tan sees the online enrollment process as something that will be of great use, as she believes that this system will be sustained as “We are getting there [online system].” Although she admits that the process is not perfect, she takes it as a challenge by saying “We often see opportunities in every problem, in every challenging time, we often feel that it is a high time for us to improve and become a better person, a better service provider, and a better CMU.”

She also encourages and reminds students, especially the enrollees, to always follow and read instructions thoroughly when it comes to the enrollment process so as not to have a hard time sending their enrollment applications as she sees this as one of the many challenges that they are also facing.

The online enrollment process in CMU is still on-going. Updates on the schedule of enrollment are posted on OASP’s official Facebook page: Central Mindanao University-Office of Admissions, Scholarships & Placement. (ACDoña)

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