Monday , 25 January 2021

IN PHOTOS: The University conducts a webinar on Vertical Farming in Mindanao toward Building a Sustainable, Climate Change-Resilient and High-Value AgTech Enterprise

The University Management Information System (MIS) staff sets up for the webinar series.

Photo Op

Dr. Jupiter V. Casas, Director of Research, expresses a future responsive technology by the use of vertical farming particularly in Mindanao.

Prof. Joel Cuello, Director for Global Institute for Strategic Agriculture in Dry Land, University of Arizona, USA, talks about the importance of vertical farming in Mindanao.

Dr. Ann P. Villalobos, DOST Balik Scientist, introduces the honored speaker from the University of Arizona, USA.

Video presentation of the Academic Paradise of the South, CMU, via Multimedia.

Dr. Jesus Antonio G. Derije, University President, encourages his colleagues to implement the knowledge gained from this webinar.

Prof. Andrew B. Melencion, a faculty from the College of Agriculture, hosts the webinar.

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