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The ten academic units including the Graduate School have highly qualified, competent and dedicated faculty members. As of the First Semester, SY 2010-2011, CMU has a total faculty force of three hundred forty four (344) seventy six (73) of whom are doctoral degree holders, one hundred forty two (146) are with master’s degrees  and one hundred twenty six(125) are with baccalaureate degrees. With respect to the academic ranks, thirty one (31) are Full Professors, eighty nine (89) are Associate Professors, sixty seven (67) are Assistant Professors and one hundred fifty seven (157) are holding the instructor level positions.

Table 1.  Faculty Profile of Central Mindanao University as of December 2010


Total No. of Faculty Highest Educ’l Attainment Academic Rank
BS MS/MA PhD Inst Asst Prof Assoc Prof Prof
Agriculture 69 9 27 33 12 14 29 14
Arts and Sciences 117 44 56 17 63 27 20 7
Commerce and Accountancy 15 6 7 2 11 2 2
Education 17 5 4 8 6 3 5 3
Engineering 48 24 18 6 27 5 15 1
Forestry 16 6 3 7 8 2 6
Home Economics 11 4 6 1 8 1 2
Nursing 13 9 4 11 2
Veterinary Medicine 15 4 6 5 1 4 4 6
ULHS 23 8 14 1 10 9 4
TOTAL 344 125 146 73 157 67 89 31



People are said to be uncontended of what they are, what they have and what they achieved.  The following are the determined faculty members of the university who are enthusiasts and pursued different degrees to achieved the topmost positions in the academe, gained more knowledge and learned advanced tecniques in teaching their field of specializations for themselves, for the welfare of the student populace and for the total development of  the university as a whole.

To wit, twelve (12) faculty members from the College of Enginering, are pursuing advanced degrees from different institutions in the country and abroad of which four (4) are grantees of the CMU-FDP Scholarship, one (1) grantee of the CHED-Faculty Development Program Scholarship, one (1) grantee of the UPLB-ERDT and four (4) obtained a scholarship abroad; all enjoying a CMU partial scholarship. Four (4) faculty members completed their degrees (3 PhD, 1 MEngg) and six (6) reinstated the office in CY 2010.

Engineer Rex O. Yadao is pursuing his degree Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering at UPLB, Laguna under the UPLB-ERDT scholarship starting June 2010. Prof. Reinerio P. Supremo is now on his final phase of his dissertation for the degree Doctor of Engineering, major in Civil Engineering at Mindanao State University –Iligan Institute of Technology. He was able to secure a CHED-FDP partial scholarship. He reinstated the office effective November 2010.  Engr. Richard J. Aquino is now on his 2nd year of Ph.D degree on Chemomechanical Nano to Micro Modeling of Cement-Based materials at Technical University, Delft Netherlands.  Prof. Leoncio Mariano C. Acma is now pursuing Doctor of Engineering at MSU-IIT as CMU-FDP scholar starting June 2010.

Engr. Ariel E. Abay is now on his final phase of his research project in completion to the degree Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, non-thesis option.  He has reinstated last June 2010 and is hoping to finish his course this 2nd semester SY 2010-2011.   Engr. Dana Marie Y. Eduave is now pursuing her degree Master of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) at Mindanao University of Science and Technology at Cagayan de Oro City as CMU-FDP scholar starting June 2010.  Mr. John D. Tajones and Mr. Charles V. Bautista, both are faculty members of the Institute of Computer Applications (ICA) are on their final year of their degree Master of Science in Information Technology at the MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology under the CMU Faculty Development Fund (CMU-FDP).

Dr. Nelsa J. Olila completed her PhD in Agricultural Extension last April 2010. Dr. Einstine M. Opiso completed his PHD in Solid Waste Resources and Geo-Environmental Engineering (Specialization: Environmental Geology) last October 2010 at Hokaido University, Japan as MEXT-Monbusho scholar. He reinstated the office effective November 2010. Engr. Earl M. Opiso finished his Master of Energy degree at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand under the ASEAN scholarship and has reinstated last June 2010. Dr. Constancio M. Verula has completed his Ph.D. in Agricultural Engineering with specialized field of Agricultural Machinery at UPLB and reinstated in the office as the ME Department Chairperson effective June 2010.

Two Veterinary Medicine faculties were on study leave.  Dr. Melrose P. Condino is pursuing a PhD degree in Veterinary  Surgery at Rakuno Gakuen Daigaku in Japan. Dr. Alan P. Dargantes completed PhD degree in Tropical Medicine at Murdoch University, Australia.  Dr. Dargantes reported back to duty effective October 2010.

For the College of Home Economics, Ms. Rubie A. Arroyo is pursuing Doctor in Management at Liceo de Cagayan at her own expense.  Another faculty is Ms. Rachelle Gaye O. Blanco pursuing MS Food Science at CMU.

Three faculty members from the College of Forestry is pursuing advanced degrees, Mr. Lowell G. Aribal is on his 3rd year in Ph. D.; Mr. Alex S. Olpenda and Mr. Adrian M. Tulod are both pursuing MS degrees.

Twenty-six faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences are pursuing advanced degrees. Faculties who obtained thier degrees at CMU were the following: Kenneth A. Flores-MS Biology, Gloria L. Galan-MS Biology, Maridol R. Gregorio-PhD Biology, Socorro H. Laraga-PhD Biology, Jennifer G. Opiso-PhD. Biology, Nellie C. Lastimosa-PhD, Estrella D. Alfabeto-PhD ISD, Marie Grace   Pasoc-MA English, Joy Pabia-MA Eng, Doreen Gersava-MA Eng, Januaree Llorico-MA Eng, Catherine Pace –MA Eng and Jasmine Torreplama-MA Eng.  From MSU-IIT were April Rose S. Figureras-MA Socio, Aureen Fuentevilla –MA Fil,  Jade Bengua-MA Fil, Sharlane Villejo –MA Fil, Emily T. Jungao-MA Eng and Neal Quizon-MS Stat. Almost all faculties who obtained advanced degrees from CMU paid thier tuition fees at their own expense.

Faculty who obtained advanced degrees from other institutions were the following: Reynard Fernandez –PhD Applied Mathematics at MPSC under CMU FDP scholarship, Glenda Z. Doblas –PhD. Genetics at UPLB funded by PCASTRD & CMU scholarship program, Manuel Olarita-MA Philosophy at Ateneo de Davao under CHED-HEDP FDP scholarship, Maria Rosario B. Nuenay –PhD at MUST, Jennifer Nueva –PhD TESOL at Silliman Univerisity under CMU FDP scholarship and Guzman Bobbie-MA Eng at BSU.

The College of Agriculture focused on the remaining MS and BS degree holders. Of the existing  26 faculty with MS degree, eight   are continuing their Doctor of Philosophy degrees either at CMU, USM, or UPLB.   Among them, four  are on scholarship while the remaining four  are continuing on their own expense (please see Table below).


1.  Acuña, Mahalia M. PhDAg. Educ. Personal In-Progress
2..  Bugayong, Arturo R. PhD An Sci. Personal In Progress
3.  Ebuña, Helen LV PhD Agron DA-BAR On-going
4.  Ebuña, Raul M. PhD Soil Sci CHED-COE In-Progress
5.  Franje, Herminigilda E. PhD Agron. Personal In Progress
6. Lagua, Eduardo V. PhD An Sci. Personal In Progress
7. Nillama, Nora C. PhD Entom CHED-COE On-going
8. Paulican, Ma. Stella M. PhD Agron CHED-COE On-going

The Office of Instruction through thier scholarship program recorded 45 faculty scholars for SY 2010. There are some faculty members who  took advanced degrees which were not recorded  in the Office of Instruction because they were  studying during off office hours and week ends with out the support of the University.

As per record from the Office of Instruction, there were twenty-four (24) faculty scholars for the First Semester, while there were 21 faculty scholars for the Second  Semester of  SY 2009-2010 (Table 2).  These scholars were enrolled in fifteen  (15) schools in the Philippines and abroad and were financed by nineteen (19) different kinds of scholarship grants (Table 3 & 4 ).

Table 2.  Distribution of Faculty Scholars by Degrees pursued

Degree Pursued

1st  Sem ’10-‘11

2nd Sem ’09-’10-‘11

Post Doctoral Research
PhD 12 11
DOE 2 1
MS/MA 10 10
Review & take BAR Exam
TOTAL 24 21
Table 3.  Faculty  Scholars by School/Institution attended
UP Los Baños 6 6
UP Diliman 1 1
CMU 3 3
Ateneo de Davao University 2 2
King Mungkut’sUniversity 1 1
Delft Univ of Tech., Netherlands 1 1
Hokkaido University, Japan 1
Rakuno Gakuen University, Japan 1 1
Mindanao Univ. Of Sci & Tech 1 1
Bukidnon State University 1 1
Murdoch University 1
AIT- Bangkok, Thailand
Liceo de Cagayan University 1
Siliman University 1 1
Total 24 21
Table 4.  Distribution of Faculty Scholars by Kind of Scholarship by Semester by School year

Kind of Scholarships

1st Sem SY 10-‘11

2nd Sem SY ’10-‘11

CMU Full Scholars 5 6
CMU Partial/Official Time 2 2
Monbukagasho (Mombosho) 1 1
DOST 1 1
ERDT 1 1
Endeavor International Research 1 1
Erasmus Mundus 1 1
Monbusho Scholarship 1
CHED 1 1
TOTAL 24 21
Table 5. List of Returning Scholars awarded with Certificates of Recognition during the 2010 Faculty Conference
TAN, Dennis A. PhD Sci Ed (math) De la Salle Uni.
ACMA, Florfe M. PhD Botany UPLB
DELA CRUZ,  Regie Y. PhD Genetics UPLB
SOLIVEN Hazel E. MS Agribusiness Mgt. CMU
OLILA, Nelsa J. PhD. AgEd CMU
LOPEZ, Eliza J. MA in Language Ed. CMU
OPISO, Earl MS in env’lTech AIT, Bangkok, Thailand
VERULA, Constancio M. PhD. AgEng’g UPLB
DOMAGSANG, Pilar MA in Nursing Southwestern University

To keep abreast of the recent innovations and technologies, several faculty members were also allowed to attend seminar-workshops and other pertinent activities related to their respective fields of specialization.