Dr. Sobrevega says Perseverance and Diligence are Keys to Success

β€œMind you, even though how difficult and indifferent college life will become, if you have the virtue of perseverance and diligence, finishing one will just be at your doorstep,” excerpts from Dr. Noel N. Sobrevega’s commencement message during the 65th Commencement Exercises: 2nd Senior High School Graduation and 4th Moving Up Ceremony, held at University Convention Center, on May 31.

Dr. Sobrevega, a Neurosurgeon by profession and a proud alumnus of Central Mindanao University Laboratory High School, and this year’s commencement exercises speaker imparted his words of wisdom to the 90 Senior High School graduates, and 131 Junior High School completers.

Reminiscing his high school life, he shared how simple and enjoyable it was as a high school student. He said that it is as simple as eating, the never-ending studying, and passing all the examinations. He shared how Central Mindanao University Laboratory High school helped him achieved his dreams, describing it as β€œthe best foundation of education you will ever have.”

β€œI always come to my class prepared on my daily subjects. I am not afraid to ask clarifications on things I find confusing; I share my thoughts openly in class. I honestly never experienced cramming for an examination. That is the discipline I learned, and I owe it from this institution of which I deeply treasure up to this date,” he shared.

Dr. Sobrevega said that the first two years of the basic college courses would be very easy if he or she is a bonafide student of CMUHS. However, on the third to fourth and fifth years of the college life, it is one’s interest in his or her chosen field and the discipline that one’s mentors had inculcated in each graduate that will dictate if one will succeed to the finish line.

β€œFor those students who wanted to have a deeper understanding of their chosen fields and pursue postgraduate courses, it is your passion and the love of your craft that will pave the way to those hardships, loneliness, tears, self-doubts, lack of sleep, lack of socialization and vacations, just to reach your dreams,” Dr. Sobrevega asserted.

Furthermore, he reminded the graduates in choosing a college degreeβ€”he said to choose the kind of career and life that one wanted to have in the next 15 years.

β€œIt is not about dreaming what others have dreamt for you. It is about asking yourself who would you become 15 years from now, with your intellectual capabilities, emotional stability, and the best education your parent’s money can afford,” he emphasized.

Moreover, Dr. Sobrevega encouraged the graduates to always use their knowledge to be humbler, to reach out to those in need, and to transcend learning to the younger generations. He was stressing that knowledge is a gift and is meant to be shared with others to learn.

He also emphasized on staying focus and following one’s parent’s and guardian’s advice.

β€œEducation is never for the rich and the privilege anymore. With free education and minimal miscellaneous fees in government universities nowadays, your challenge [is] to stay focus, be diligent, and persevere in learning. Follow your parents, and guardian’s, advice and you will never go wrong,” he assured.

Dr. Sobrevega ended his message by congratulating the graduates, the proud parents, and the faculty for a job well done. (IADalipe-Neri)

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