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Dr. Sajol gives inspiration to Students on Recognition Day

Dr. Sajol gives inspiration to Students on Recognition Day

“The key to it is an inspiration. We need to motivate and teach them to constantly seek for answers. Read. Understand. Evaluate. Apply. Create. And with that, is the constant strife to seek and unlock truths, investigate, research, and make discoveries. Be brave and never be afraid of obstacles, for no great man has ever gone through life without misfortunes and failures. Life is never a piece of a sweet lollipop. As they say, pressure makes diamonds.”

 This has been said by Dr. Philip John S. Sajol, Top 1, 2018 Licensure Examination for Veterinarians and faculty member of the College of Veterinary Medicineduring his inspirational message in the annual Recognition and Awards Day held at the University Convention Center, April 11.

One thousand and one hundred forty-five students and alumni awardees from the nine colleges of the university received medals and certificates.

As Dr. Sajol mentioned, the recognition day is the day to look back all the hardships, those “burning-the-midnight-oil-sessions,” trials, piles of never-ending requirements, those “pang-planet-pluto” level of examinations, unending assignments, projects, and many more.

“As you look back, you will truly say “Normal rana dzai. Of course, dili jud lalim sa CMU.”

Dr. Sajol revealed that he felt intimidated and humbled upon knowing that he was invited as the guest speaker on recognition day.

“There are still great men out there waiting to be called and who are in no doubt, will be able to inspire students more. Still, despite all these, you still did not hesitate to give me this opportunity,” Dr. Sajol expressed.

He pondered his experience during his college days when he was sitting like as a student and waiting for his name to be called and go on stage.

Dr. Sajol reminisced that his parents who are residing at San Antonio, Jasaan, Misamis Oriental could not attend the awards day. “My parents couldn’t come as finances were a bit sketchy, but on the brighter side, I got to celebrate my victory with them during the summers, which was appropriate for, after all, I wouldn’t be given those distinctions if it weren’t for them.”

The theme for this year’s recognition was, “Unity in Diversity towards Excellence and Relevance in the ASEAN Region and Beyond.”

According to Dr. Sajol, the theme is “a call to harness each and everyone’s potential in the hopes of becoming the best version of individuals that are academically prepared and globally competitive.”

He believed that the university possessed great talents through the professors, and these talents were constantly molded for more greatness.

The activity also recognized special awards classified to individual and organization category, 2018 Board Topnotchers of Licensure Examination for Veterinarians and Licensure Examination for Chemical Technicians, and the 100% passing rate of August 2018 Nutritionist-Dietitian Licensure Examination and November 2018 Nursing Licensure Examination.

The individual category special award includes: Most Outstanding Student Leader of the Year (University-Wide, College Council, Class Organization, Non-Class Organization, and Greek Organization); Most Outstanding Male and Female Performer of the Year; Most Outstanding Male and Female Athlete of the Year; and Most Outstanding Cadet and Cadette of the Year.

The organization category identified the Most Outstanding College Council of the Year, Most Outstanding Greek Organization of the Year, and Best Advocacy/Outreach Program. Other Outbound Students/International Interns in the work and travel program were also acknowledged.

Moreover, Dr. Sajol shared his academic journey way back in college. He also cited some of his unforgettable experiences.

As he ended his speech, he gave some last words of advice. He said he could relate to the hardships, pains, trials, hunger, and among others.

“If you experience hardships from your professors, as awkward as it may sound, these are always meant for you. These are made to build you up, to hone you, to strengthen you. Failures are like little bumps on the road, and what keeps us going is the thought that all will end well. This too shall pass. God is up there. Trust him.” 

The Bidlisiw Folkdance Team gave an intermission number. The activity was attended by the CMU Key Officials, Students, Faculty, Staff, Parents/Guardians, and Visitors. (MJLTalisay)

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