Tuesday , 19 January 2021
CMU holds a University-wide turnover ceremony

CMU holds a University-wide turnover ceremony

CMU employees, key officials, and students attended the university-wide turnover ceremony of Dr. Maria Luisa R. Soliven, Immediate Past CMU President to Dr. Jesus Antonio G. Derije, 9th University President held at the University Convention Center, January 21.

Dr. Judith D. Intong, Vice President for Academic Affairs, enlightened the audience in her opening remarks about the Republic Act No. 8292. This is an act providing for the uniform composition and powers of the governing board, the manner of appointment and term of office of the president of chartered state universities and colleges, and other purposes.

Also, she highlighted in her remarks that “As we start a new page in the life of our beloved school, may we continue to take our significant roles for more development and progress of Central Mindanao University.”

Dr. Maria Luisa R. Soliven, the Immediate Past CMU President, shared her words of wisdom and turnover of responsibilities. She said: “The past eight years that I have served Central Mindanao University, as your first woman and the 8th University President have been challenging yet formidable years I have in this institution.”

According to her, CMU is one of the leading and top performing universities in the country today. “Many of the 112 SUCs in the country today are looking up to our university, and they have very very high regard when they come to benchmark and see our good practices…” Dr. Soliven supplemented.

She also expressed her thanks to her family, children, and grandchildren. Similarly, Dr. Soliven wished to thank the CMU Board of Regents, Administrative Council, and the various organizations in the campus like CMU Faculty Association Inc., CMU Employees Association Inc., CMU Alumni Association Inc., Students through the Supreme Student Council, the community through friends, community partners, and other stakeholders of the university.

As Dr. Soliven passed the leadership to the 9th University President, she stressed that “I wholeheartedly pray and wish for the best of best wishes for our Central Mindanao University beloved.”

“I am optimistic that with the dynamic leadership of Dr. Jesus Antonio G. Derije, I know CMU will continue to soar higher and higher to greater heights of excellence,” Dr. Soliven emphasized.

Moreover, Dr. Jesus Antonio G. Derije, 9th University President pointed out in his speech of acceptance of responsibilities and commitment that he is a unifying president.

He also presented his plans and proposed projects for more improvement and development of the university.

Dr. Derije added in his concluding statement: “I can do things that you can, you can do things that I can. But together, we can do great things and make a difference.”

Hon. Jose Joel P. Doromal, Municipal Mayor of Maramag, expressed in his inspirational message that Central Mindanao University and the local government of Maramag have always been in a good partnership.

“We make use of the Research and Development Extension services of the university so that we could craft ordinances, laws which would better address the situations in the locality,” Hon. Doromal added.

The CMU Bidlisiw group entertained the audience with their intermission number showcasing the courtship dances of Manobo and Matigsalug tribes in Bukidnon called “Kudlong Saluray” and “Binanog” with the song “Babanam.” The performers invited the CMU key officials together with Dr. Jesus Antonio G. Derije, and Dr. Maria Luisa R. Soliven to dance with them as a sign of merry-making.

The program was also graced by the family members of Dr. Soliven and some important friends, colleagues, and family members of Dr. Derije. (MLTalisay)

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