Monday , 25 January 2021
Accreditors hear insights from CMU Alumni & Students

Accreditors hear insights from CMU Alumni & Students

To validate data from the documents presented and to evaluate the quality of programs offered in CMU, accreditors in their specific assignment conducted the interview session to students and alumni on the third day of the accreditation survey visit at the Farmer’s Training Center, November 28.

Dr. Luisito I. Tabada accreditor for Physical Plant and Facilities asked the alumni regarding the laboratories specifically on the provision of equipment in general education.

Eugene Austriver E. Delada, a 2016 AB History graduate who is currently connected to the Law Enforcement Unit, said that equipment, materials, and the instructional materials were complete and were made available to students.

“… The teachers were approachable and they never lack with regards to providing information,” Mr. Delada emphasized.

Dr. Tabada also added the question concerning the safety of students. Mr. Delada then also supplemented his response that the students, faculty and even the visitors were safe.

“…we can guarantee that because we have a 24/7 security service offered by the university,” Mr. Delada expressed.

In an interview with Dr. Marylou B. Ong, overall coordinator, she shared her experience in her stay in CMU. She said that they were very much comfortable and at ease in their stay. She also stressed that they were provided and assisted by the faculty and all the staff whenever they had some requests.

“…And whenever there were lacking documents they [Local Task Force] were very much willing to assist, and they were able to comply right away,” Dr. Ong highlighted.

Moreover, Dr. Marvien M. Barrios, Team Leader accreditor for AB Psychology program questioned about the curriculum offered, she particularly asked about the competencies that were less emphasized in the program.

Ms. Chenie B. Labnotin, a 2010 AB Psychology graduate and a faculty member of the Department of Behavioral Sciences suggested that the theoretical perspective like the comprehension and application should be strengthened.

Ms. Labnotin also added: “… the board exam is not found in the book, the board exam question is situational and analysis.”

Another accreditor, Dr. Aida L. Dela Cerna, asked the MS Food Science student on their experience in their stay in the university. Ms. Dafni C. Carreon responded that CMU is a very good place for learning and it provided them with the knowledge needed.

“… The faculty are also very approachable to us, so that is why I chose to study in CMU,” Ms. Carreon added.

Kierby B. Depalan, an MS Food Science student, was asked about his employment in line with his course as a 2012 Food Technology graduate. He answered that after his graduation he was employed in different private sectors, particularly the food management and the food business sectors.

“Now, I am just recently hired for a project base study, food and development research here in the university under Dr. Curayag,” Mr. Depalan revealed.

Other topics tackled were alumni contribution to CMU, different existing organizations, and enrolment process.

The accreditation survey visit has been a concerted effort among the administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni, and the accreditors. (MJLTalisay)

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