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3rd CMU President has joined his Maker

3rd CMU President has joined his Maker

R.I.P. Dr. Isabelo Suelo Alcordo, 3rd CMU President (1970-1982).

I take the liberty to pay an immediate tribute to Dr. Isabelo S. Alcordo, or Sir Beloy to his friends. He went to be with the Lord on January 17, 2016 past midnight in his home at Valencia City due to cardiac arrest. His remains lie at the family residence in P12, Valencia City (back of EduCare schoolhouse). The tentative date for his interment is on January 23 at the Pryce Gardens, Kiucab, Malaybalay City. The University will pay a tribute to Dr. Alcordo on Friday at 9:00 am, UCC.

Portrait of Dr. Isabelo S. Alcordo, 3rd CMU President (1970-1982).

Dr. Alcordo was a fellow UP alumnus and a fellow Fighting Illini. It was a privilege to have met someone who was willing to share his gained wisdom through the years. One may not have always agreed with him but you cannot help but appreciate someone who knew his philosophies in life, and who had worked tirelessly towards realizing his personal goals and for his community.

Dr. Alcordo (first from right) with his wife Dr. Heidi attended the 60th birthday of Dr. Soliven (University President, in purple). They were joined by Dr. Juan Nagtalon, former CMU VP and MOSCAT President (first from left) and his wife, and former Professor Paz Gregorio (with scarf).

His last recent visits to the university was on January 8 and 11, where he had met with Dr. Soliven. They talked about his book “Prosperity.” Trained as an agriculturist and scientist, his final written piece was not a scientific and technical paper. It is a reflection book on what is most essential – our relationship with God and how we realize the purpose of our lives.

Prosperity by Dr. Isabelo S. Alcordo © 2016. The “sunrise” covered-copy was his personal gift to Dr. Maria Luisa R. Soliven (current CMU President) personally handed and autographed on July 11, 2016. The “earth” covered-copies are available at the Alumni Relations and Linkaging Office (ARLO) c/o Dr. Jose S. Escarlos, Jr. (ARLO Head).

Thank you, Sir Beloy. You championed the University in so many ways. Your footprints are remembered on the pages of its colored history and your contribution to its development will always be treasured. Let it be known that your life is celebrated. Now, you are finally at home with your Maker and is reunited with your better half.

(Note: a full length article on Dr. Alcordo will be published in The Bulwark (the official magazine of CMU).

-Joy M. Jamago (01.18.2016)

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