Sunday , 24 January 2021
29 faculty submit to 2-day first aid training

29 faculty submit to 2-day first aid training

The HRMO in coordination with the Philippine Red Cross-Bukidnon Chapter conducted the first 2-day Occupational Health and Sanitation (OHS) training to 29 faculty members at the Farmers Training Center, Nov. 6-7.

The faculty learned about first aid on common emergencies like bleeding, close wound and open wound, burns, cardiac emergencies, head and spine injuries, fractures and dislocation, bone joints and muscle injuries, and heat-related emergencies.

They also learned about the different techniques of bandaging, splinting, lifting and moving, patient assessment, and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

Ms. Catherine Murillo, faculty member of CMU-Laboratory High School, said that the training is very applicable to them since they are dealing with high school students every day. She said that this training is helpful to them especially in their field activity.

“The best thing we learned is how to do CPR. It’s amazing that saving a patient’s life with no heartbeat and pulse is possible up to 20% in a span of two minutes [through CPR],”Murillo added.

Aside from CPR, Mr. Argel Vallecer of the College of Business and Management said that he was astonished with the bandaging techniques, and their usefulness and proper execution in emergency cases.

As required by the CHED memorandum order No. 63 or the policies and guidelines on local off-campus activities, “designated personnel-in-charge of the off-campus activities must be an employee of the institution and must have the appropriate qualifications and experiences related to off campus activities with appropriate first -aid medical emergency training.”

The seminar-training will qualify the faculty as personnel-in-charge of the off-campus activities mandated by CHED. The trained faculty will receive a certificate on first-aid training as a validation of eligibility to be designated as personnel in charge.

According to Dr. Haidee Helena H. Garcia, HRMO director, the Office of the Student Affairs will not approve the Certificate of Compliance of the off-campus activity if the person in-charge (faculty) has no first aid training certification issued by the medical organization such as the Philippine National Red Cross.

“With the upcoming schedules of educational tours, field study or any off-campus activities, there is an urgency to conduct an occupational first aid training to our faculty who will chaperon the students,” Dr. Garcia added.

This training aimed at preserving life, preventing further harm, and promoting recovery.

Garcia said that this training is necessary even though they are not teachers.

“It is very practical and useful in our daily lives and a blessing to learn the basic skills [how] to survive,” she said. (IADalipe-Neri)

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