Saturday , 6 March 2021

8 programs set for accreditation

by: TVDRicablanca

After passing rigorous accreditation survey visits, eight university programs are now set for AACCUP Level III (Phase 2) and Level IV (Phase 2) accreditations.

Two undergraduate programs will be evaluated for Level IV (Phase 2). They are BS Biology and BS Mathematics of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS).

The rest are graduate programs slated for Level III (Phase 2). Five are from the College of Education (CED), namely, MA Education, MA Language Education, MS General Science Education, MS Mathematics Education and PhD Educational Administration. Another program— MA Home Economics Education—is from the College of Human Ecology (CHE).

The three colleges created a local task force for every program to prepare for this accreditation. Prof. Heidi Porquis of the Biology Department, said: “[There’s a] greater thrill now because this is already Level IV Phase 2…but we have the assurance that the Lord is with us and we have done our best.” She added that the BS Biology program does not only focus on the students’ cognitive development but also on their attitudes and skills.

According to Dr. Queenie Ann L. Curayag of CHE, one most challenging tasks they faced is the creation of video presentation. But she stressed that accreditation is important to
the college as “it will help on the improvement of the curricular program such as [its] facilities, curriculum, and additional fund allocation.”

For Dr. Raul C. Orongan, CED dean, AACCUP accreditation would be beneficial in terms of the standardization of the programs in their college.

“This will also be a great help to the university in terms of our goal for the institutional accreditation and of course for higher quality standards of education,” he said.

He added: “We are hoping and expecting to pass…so we can move to higher level of [accreditation].” The accreditation proceedings are held at the FTC from Sept. 27 to 28.

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