CMU evaluates 83 RDE proposals

Three months after the call for proposals in February, the  Research and Extension offices successfully conducted a two-day Research, Development, and Extension (RDE) Proposal Evaluation at the Farmers Training Center on May 4-5, 2023.

According to Dr. Jupiter V. Casas, University Research Director, this RDE Proposal Evaluation serves as the final round of evaluation as each of the ten colleges has already screened these RDE proposals through their respective College RDE Executive Committees.

โ€œNeeds-based RDE proposals from the different academic units of the university were presented and evaluated by experts from among the universityโ€™s roster of faculty members. Proponents presented their proposals for a chance to be funded by the University and be implemented for the academic year 2023-2024,โ€ he added.

In a separate interview, Dr. Estrella Y. Dacillo, University Extension Director, shared that the RDE Evaluation is also an enriching venue for researchers, extensionists, and evaluators to show their expertise in their areas of specialization.

โ€œThe comments and suggestions will eventually improve the proposals that would make them worthy of being funded by the university or other funding agencies,โ€™ she added.

A total of 55 research proposals and 28 extension proposals were presented from the different colleges. The selected proposals will be endorsed and recommended by the University Research, Development, and Extension Committee to the Board of Regents for funding approval.

Moreover, Dr. Casas commended the 83 proponents of the RDE proposals: โ€œMy warm congratulations to the proponents for the successful presentation of their proposals. Likewise, my sincere thanks and gratitude to the evaluators for the job well done.โ€

He added that as a University, CMU should endeavor to be a champion of knowledge creation (research) in support of its instruction and extension functions. He emphasized that conducting research and extension projects/studies by the faculty is inherent to our existence as a university.

This annual event encourages faculty researchers and extensionists to submit proposals as part of the University’s mandate to conduct research development and extension activities that respond to the needs of communities and stakeholders. These proposals include patriotic and semi-patriotic and will be institutionally funded. [Iyren Dalipe Neri]

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