69th Commencement exercises guest of honor highlights 4Es to batch 2023 graduates

Central Mindanao University was honored to have Dr. Anthony M. Penaso, a pure-blooded CMUan, one of the outstanding alumni, and a former Vice President for Academic Affairs of CMU, as a guest of honor on the 69th Commencement Exercises themed “Beyond National Border: Educating for Global Competence” at the University Convention Center, June 21–22, 2023.

In his commencement address, Dr. Penaso pointed out the 4Es to the graduates and urged them to remember the four keywords as they start their new chapter.


Dr. Penaso believed that CMU provides excellent, prestigious education and has prepared graduates to excel in their chosen professions. “As graduates of this university, you have been given the tools to think critically, communicate effectively, problem solve creatively, and collaborate with others,” he added.

He further emphasized that those skills and competencies are essential for navigating a constantly changing and evolving world. “But these skills and competencies also enable us to go beyond our national borders and work with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives,” Dr. Penaso asserted.


Also, Dr. Penaso related the book “Educating for Global Competence: Preparing our Students to Engage the World” to the graduates and believed that CMU had prepared its graduates to engage the world in terms of understanding global issues for them to participate in and act on issues of global significance.

“We must be committed to engage by building bridges instead of walls between people, communities, and nations,” he said.


Thirdly, he inspired the graduates to learn continually and empower themselves with knowledge, skills, and competencies. “Use the knowledge and skills you have acquired at CMU to make a positive impact both at home and abroad,” he expressed.


Lastly, Dr. Penaso encouraged the graduates not to stop learning, saying, “So, as you leave the portals of our Alma Mater and begin your journey beyond national borders, I encourage you to continue your education.”

Moreover, he motivated the graduates to explore new frontiers and experience things like never before continually. “So, keep learning about the world around you, seek out new perspectives, and engage with people from different backgrounds and cultures,” says Dr. Penaso.

Furthermore, the graduates were also motivated by Dr. Penaso to express gratitude to their parents and their teachers as they leave the portals of their alma mater and to be grateful for themselves.

CMU confirmed 3,033 graduates with their respective degrees at the 69th commencement exercises, comprising 2,850 from undergraduate and 183 from graduate programs. [Mary Jane D. Bravo]

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