CMU Hospital offers 50% discount on immunization

by IADalipe

The University Hospital now offers 50 percent discount on immunization services.

Dr. Aurfeli Taganahan-Emperio, chief of the Health Services Unit, said that this initiative is done to offer students, employees, and even those outside the CMU community early detection, prevention, and appropriate treatment of specific diseases.

The Hospital offers discounted vaccine for influenza, hepatitis A and B, cervical cancer, dengue, pneumonia, and rabies.

Dr. Taganahan-Emperio said, “A vaccination is cost-effective since a patient sick with flu may be absent from school, work, and, spend time, money for medicines and other expenses aside from the complications which can happen.”

The University Hospital collaborated with APE Prime Biologicals Marketing Inc. for this.

“The vaccines are comparably at lower price compared to pharmacy prices to tailor the budget of the parents, students, and everyone who wants to avail them,” said Ms. Elena Bilar, university nurse.

The Flu vaccine Influvac is priced at Php 450.00 per shot –cheaper than the market price of Php 900.00 per shot. The flu vaccine, which gives one-year protection, can be given to one-year-old and above.

Hepatitis A and B vaccine is at Php 1,750 per shot compared to the market price of Php3,500 per shot. A single dose provides lifetime protection especially against hepatitis A, a highly contagious disease.

Pneumonia vaccine Pneumovax 23 is at Php 1,500 per shot compared to Php 3,000 market price. Pneumonia vaccine will provide 85% to 95% efficacy immunity. One-shot vaccination can be given to two-years old and above and can last up to five years protection.

Dengue vaccine is at Php 2,500 divided into three doses at six months interval.

Cervical cancer vaccine is also offered but the availability is based on request.

The University Hospital also offers rabies vaccine. Pre-exposure prophylaxis is composed of three injections and one booster shot after a year and every five years. Market price is at Php 1,350 per shot or Php 4,050 for three shots while the hospital offers it for Php 600 per shot and a Php 1,750 package for three shots.

The vaccination program also includes free vaccine cards and a waived medical service fee.

Aside from immunization, the hospital also offers dental and laboratory services.

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