1st semester of SY 2022-2023
May 18, 2022

• To register, visit https://devops.cmu.edu.ph/doorstep/
• For re-takers, a Non-refundable testing fee must be paid online using this link: https://www.lbp-eservices.com/egps/portal/Merchants.jsp or over the counter at CMU Cashier’s Office.
• Proof of payment (if re-taker) and scanned copy of the filled-out application form will be submitted through: https://forms.gle/s1XwKdvYXL7EkDo69
• Please check your inbox/spam mail to see the instructions from OASP on how to access the online CMUCAT examination.
• You may also check the steps through this video: https://www.facebook.com/CMUOASP/videos/5465370156841057
• Takers should be in the Zoom meeting ONE HOUR before the scheduled time.

Thank you!

For more information, you may call or text the ADMISSIONS OFFICIAL NUMBERS: 09050897868 and 09121411345 or EMAIL: admissions.oasp@cmu.edu.ph

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