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CMU gets Level II AACCUP Institutional Accreditation

First university accredited in Mindanao 

The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines (AACCUP) recently awarded CMU with Level II institutional accreditation valid from Aug. 14, 2017 to Aug. 13, 2022.

The university received the notice of results, Wednesday, Oct. 11, including the attached copy of technical review and board action of the institutional survey visit conducted on Aug. 7-11, 2017.

According to Dr. Agapito Bayron, Jr., Quality Assurance Office chief, CMU is the first university awarded with Level II institutional accreditation in Mindanao.

Overall, CMU got a general weighted mean of 3.76 from all the areas surveyed. These areas include the governance and management (3.70); teaching, learning and evaluation (3.91); faculty and staff (3.54); research (3.70); extension, consultancy and linkages (3.70); support to students (3.47); library (3.76); infrastructure and other learning resources (4.15); and quality assurance culture (3.97).

Some of the highlighted commendations include the university’s strong linkages with the local, national, and international research centers which have helped in the generation of funds to upgrade the equipment and laboratory facilities of the university.

The evaluators also commended the functional university hospital which caters to the basic health needs of the community.

Other commendations include the university’s centers of excellence and development, the outstanding performance in licensure examinations, and the university being a CHED and DOST delivering higher education institution.

The evaluators also acknowledged the university having a highly qualified, committed, and dedicated faculty; strong research and extension implementation, and an empowered development radio station that serves as information highway to all stakeholders for visibility and facilitates wide dissemination of all program activities, among others.

To further improve the services offered by the university, the accreditors recommended to have a full implementation of data archiving, and biometrics; automation of Financial Management System; and creation of non-teaching positions.

They also recommended to improve the Management and Information System Office by upgrading the equipment, network infrastructure and data center, among others.

The accreditors also encouraged the university to conduct studies interfacing research and instruction as well as the patenting of the commercialized products of research such as adlay, fern, and mushroom.

As a response, the university will be conducting a patent drafting seminar-workshop on Nov. 13-17. Select university faculty researchers and other interested individuals are welcome to join the said seminar.

The accreditors were Dr. Manuel T. Corpus, founding AACCUP president and executive director; Dr. Raul F. Muyong, vice president and vice chairman, AACCUP Board of Trustees; Dr. Divinagracia M. De Guzman, AACCUP technical consultant; and Mr. Samuel C. Chinaman, AACCUP accountant.

Other members of the accreditation team were: Dr. Danilo S. Hilario, a retired professor from Bulacan State University; Dr. Rolando F. Hechanova, president of Sultan Kudarat State University; Dr. Marcela T. Caluscosin, retired professor from Don Mariano Marcus Memorial State University; Dr. Riceli C. Mendoza, Quality Assurance Office director from University of Southern Mindanao; Dr. Marlene B. Atinyao, Quality Assurance Office director from Benguet State University; Dr. Anita C. Sorinto, director of Library Services in USM; and Dr. Maria Glenda O. De Lara, director of  Auxiliary Services, Philippine Normal University. (RGPadoginog)

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