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56 CMU-SHS students join DSPC 2017

Fifty-six senior high school students participated the Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) 2017 held on October 1-3 at Lantapan National High School, Lantapan, Bukidnon with the theme “21st Century Campus Journalism: Vanguards for Truth and Change.”

This year, 47 public and private schools participated the DSPC with 2,195 delegates in all levels from the division of Bukidnon. Aspiring journalists competed in both English and Filipino category for individual and team events.

The DSPC is an annual competition by the Department of Education pursuant to the Campus Journalism Act of 1991 which aims to enhance young students in the field of journalism. It includes the participation of school paper advisers and student writers for both public and private elementary, secondary, and senior high schools.

Despite the lack of training, CMU-SHS garnered seven awards for individual categories—four in English and three in Filipino categories.

Individual English category is comprised of sports writing, science and health, news writing, and headline writing and copy reading. While the individual Filipino category has editorial and feature writing.

In an interview with Joanna Melloria, 2nd placer in copy reading and headline writing, said that the competition is tough since there were many contingents from different schools in Bukidnon.

“I feel nervous during the competition yet I am also grateful because of my previous experience during my high school days which helped me a lot,” she added.

Other CMU-SHS contenders bagged awards in different team events like radio broadcasting (English), TV broadcasting (English and Filipino), and collaborative writing (English and Filipino). They also received a minor award as 1st place in school paper contest (best in Layout) category.

Ms. Rael Kishel Jane R. Bactong, one of the coaches from the Department of Languages and Literature, said that they lack preparation for the event since they received the approved letter two days prior to the competition.

“We conducted a screening [and chose] students with previous experiences [in journalism],” she added.

Ms. Bactong was grateful that the students excelled and brought honor to the university.

Other coaches include Ms. Charissa A. Longkiao-Canubas and Ms. Elsie G. Geraga from the Department of Language Education for Filipino and Ms. Krysta Marie O. Lariego from the Department of Languages and Literature for English.

The winners who got the first three highest ranks under the individual category and those declared as champion under the team events category will proceed to the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC) to be held at Liceo de Cagayan University this coming October 21-23.

The CMU-SHS identified Joanna Melloria, Shanny Ginson, and Flora Mae Lauronal to compete for the upcoming RSPC.  (MJTalisay)

The following were the list of awards for English and Filipino both individual category and team events:

Individual Category (English)
1. Joanna Melloria – 2nd place, Copy Reading and Headline Writing
2. Shanny Ginson – 3rd place, Science and Health
3. Rustin Ocab – 4th place, Sports Writing
4. Ericka Saburao – 5th place, News Writing

Individual Category (Filipino)
1. Flora Mae Lauronal – 2nd place, Feature Writing (Science and Health)
2. Jeaneth Gultiano – 5th place, Editorial Writing
3. Pamela B. Dagala – 5th place, Feature Writing

School Paper Contest
CMU-SHS School Publication (Best in Layout)

Team Event (English)

1. Radio Broadcasting
Jej Anino, Melanio Lopez, Bastienne Tan, Jerick Achacoso, Shiela Geraga, Noemi Ampon, Joshua Achas
1st place – Best Infomercial
2nd place- Best in Scriptwriting
3rd place – Radio Broadcasting

Special Awards

1. Bastienne Tan – 3rd place, Best News Reporter
2. Neomi Ampon – 3rd place, Best Anchor

2. Collaborative Writing

Chrisian Dave Endino, Clyde Endormal, Hannah Galve, Andra Dagala, Archie Quintero, Young Gonzales, Angelica Cabantac
3rd place – Collaborative Online Publishing

Special Awards

1. Christian Dave Endino – 1st, Best in Sports Page
2. Young Gonzales and Archie Quintero – 1st, Best in Layout
3. Hannah Galve – 2nd, Best Feature Page
4. Andra Dagala – 3rd, Best Science and Health Page

3. TV Broadcasting
Belle Perez, Eirene Azanza, Clifford Tyrus, Rose Entena, Shiena Dayaganon, Carl Manaa, Gragor Labadan
2nd place – TV Broadcasting
2nd place – Best Script
2nd place – Best Infomercial

Special Awards

1. Rose L. Entena – 2nd, Best News Presenter
2. Belle Perez – 2nd, Best Anchor
3. Gregor Labadan – 2nd, Best Technical

Team Event (Filipino)

1. TV Broadcasting
Henry Beltran, Koontz Daguimol, Jeanny Rose Sales, Tene June Ortiz, Ken Joey Gule, Ivan Cudal, Kezia Keren Grace Gabitano
2nd place – TV Broadcasting
2nd place – Best Script
2nd place – Best in Production
2nd place – Best Infomercial

Special Awards

1. Henry Beltran – 2nd, Best News Reporter
2. Ken Joey Gule – 2nd, Best Anchor
3. Koontz Daguimol and Kezia Keren Grace Gabitano – 2nd, Best Technical Application

2. Collaborative Writing
Julius S. Jadap, Yvonne Dieve B. Aradillas, Roel Christian E. Ricabo, Julienne Christy S. Osete, Mark Paul V. Medina, Omiz Jan R. Pocong, and Linelle Bless C. Canda

2nd place – Collaborative Writing
2nd place – Collaborative Online Publishing

Special Awards

1. Julius S. Jadap – 1st, Best Sports Page
2. Roel Christian Ricabo – 2nd, Best in News Page
3. Omiz Jan R. Pocong – 2nd, Best in Feature Page
4. Yvonne Dieve B. Aradillas – 2nd, Best in Editorial Page
5. Julienne Christy Osete – 2nd, Best in Editorial Page
6. Mark Paul Medina – 2nd, Best in Layout
7. Linelle Bless C. Canda – 2nd, Best in Layout


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