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VPAA highlights the meaning of SERVICE on Employee Orientation 2020

In order to orient the newly hired faculty and staff in the university, the Human Resource and Management Office spearheads the Employee Orientation 2020 held at the Nursing AV Hall, on January 15.

Employee Orientation is an important aspect to ensure smoother organizational communications and transactions in the university. This year’s employee orientation was graced by some of the members of the Administrative Council including the two Vice Presidents and five directors.

Moreover, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Jose Alexander C. Abella highlighted in his opening remarks the important meaning of SERVICE, which as government employees, we should religiously follow.

Dr. Abella expanded the meaning of SERVICE as follows:

                S for Selfishness—there will be times that as government employees we have to extend our                         services beyond office hours. He emphasized in thinking more of others than of ourselves              because we are here for service.

                E for Efficient—it means we have to be efficient in our duties and functions since we are not just                 serving our clientele but our university.

                R for Reliable—it means that we can be relied upon by our superiors and clientele when we         render our services or the task assigned to us.

                V for Vision— the university has faculty and staff development program, and we can apply to      this program that suits our career path. It means that we have to upgrade ourselves to              serve     our clients better.

                I for Integrity—it means we command for respect. Because of our integrity, our clients and           superiors respect us.

                C for Commitment—it means we have to be committed to the task assigned to us, for us to          deliver our deliverables.

                E for Empathy—it means we have the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of our clientele. We    serve people and should empathize with people.

Dr. Abella concluded his message with high hopes saying:” As we continue our service in CMU, we would be able to provide the best kind of services to our clientele.”

A total of 93 employees attended the employee orientation from different units and colleges. This employee orientation was conducted to make the new employees familiar with the university’s rules and regulations, the organizational and functional chart, and the financial matters. The new employees were also oriented on the Ease of Doing Business Act to enable the new employees to deliver efficient government services to the customers. (ID-Neri)

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