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Respect, understanding key takeaways on GST

The University Center of Gender and Development (UCGAD), in coordination with the Human Resource and Management Office (HRMO), conducted a Gender Sensitivity Training (GST) among 63 newly hired employees on December 29, 2022, via Zoom.

The training focused on the pursuit of gender sensitivity in the workplace and changing gender perspectives on the roles of women and men, countering gender-related stereotypes, and creating more gender equality in their daily lives and work.

The CMU new employees’ GST training covered three topics: The Difference between Sex and Gender by Engr. Roger C. Flores, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Expression (SOGIE) by Mr. Bryan Lee D. Celeste and Gender Fair Language by Dr. Ma. Vivienne Segumpan-Salon.

The participants were grateful for the GST; hence it made them understand the concepts of gender and its importance, especially in the workplace. They had fruitful sharing of takeaways during the sharing session of the training.

One of the participants, Mr. Ernie John Magallanes, staff from the Financial Management and Services Office (FMSO), shared his insights on the SOGIE topic.

He said: “Wonderful kaayu ni siya na topic. Personally, maka attest ko nga kining mga LGBTQ members kay charismatic sukwahi sa social judgment sa uban. Same ra gyapon sila sa atua… Thank you for this orientation nga amo silang na sabtan as professionals inside sa workplace.” (This is a wonderful topic. Personally, I can attest that these LGBTQ members are charismatic, contrary to others’ social judgment. They are just the same as us… Thank you for this orientation; we understood them as professionals inside the workplace.)

Moreover, Ms. Mary Eula Angel Non, faculty from the College of Home Ecology, shared her overall learnings from the training, stating that respect should be on the pedestal because of our multicultural diversity.

She added: “Very thankful ko sa mga speakers. Actually, daghan kog na learn na ma apply nako siya sa akong job, sa akong family, og maskin kinsa nga akong ma interact... Kong naa man tay ma correct sa isa ka tao in a good way lang.” (I am very thankful to the speakers. Actually, I have learned a lot that I can apply to my job, family, and even to whomever I interact with…If we have to correct one person, it should be in a good way.)

This Gender Sensitivity Orientation was part of the mainstreaming efforts of the UCGAD to help contribute to the empowerment of men and women within the university and the region. The GST is usually conducted among faculty, staff, and students as stipulated in memorandum 09-166 s. 2002 and 07-328 s. 2013. [Julie Anne P. Bago]

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