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New-elect national, provincial political leaders grace CMU’s commencement exercises

Vice president-elect Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio, governor-elect Rogelio Neil P. Roque, and vice governor-elect Clive D. Quiño graced the Central Mindanao University’s 68th Commencement Exercises with the theme “CMU: Conquering Challenges, Championing Excellence, Reaping Laurels” held on June 21-22, 2022, at the University Convention Center

During their commencement speeches, the new-elect national and provincial political leaders conveyed to the graduates the importance of imparting the university’s core values to the communities, taking part in building a meaningful living, and accomplishing them at their own pace and time.

One of the speakers, Duterte-Carpio, hoped that the graduates’ journey to the real world would lead them to opportunities that may hone their skillsets and capabilities as individuals and learners and see them become agents of good change in society.

However, another speaker, Roque, reminded them to take it slow, start small, and enjoy the process. “Take your time. Don’t pressure yourself…” he said. “Just simply walk at your own pace… learning what will make you the happiest,” he added. Roque also planted hope in the graduates that their generation would bring prosperity to the nation.

Meanwhile, Quiño, one of the speakers, further encouraged the graduates to build strong relationships with everyone, especially with their families. “We learned that the best way to survive in all obstacles [especially during pandemic] is to have a family and community caring for one another,” he said.

Moreover, Quiño highlighted that the most inspiring relationship that has grown intensely during the pandemic was the relationship with the divine master. “While the churches were closed due to CoVid-19 threat, our individual homes became the living churches. Many of us would say our family prayer every day…the home became the place of prayer,” he said.

Quiño also reminded the graduates that life is short. “We should not waste it for greed, pride, and distrust,” he affirmed.

The University President, Jesus Antonio G. Derije, also motivated the graduates to wave the CMU banners with pride and responsibility as they leave the CMU portals. “Bring our names to places where you can best shine and contribute to the greater society,” he said.

There were 2,046 graduates conferred with1,047 Latin honors during the two-day graduation ceremony. [RGPadoginog]

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