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List of On-going Researches funded from External Sources




1. Taxonomy and Morphology, of Selected Threatened, Endemic, Rare and Economic Species of Vascular Plants in Mindanao Project Leader-Dr. V.B. Amoroso

Study Leader:Dr. C.B. Amoroso

Co-Study Leader-Prof. H.P. Lumista

Collaborators-Dr. C.D. Alava &

Dr. L.C. Lubos

Science Aide:Mr. F.P. Coritico

CHED Continuing
2. Multi-location Adaptation Trial for Inbred Rice Study Leader: -Dr. E. A. Dispo

Co-Study Leader – Ms. C.N. Daculos

PhilRice Continuing
3. Supply Chain Improvement for Fresh Vegetables in Region 10: A Farmer Cluster

Managed “Bagsakan Model”, Phase II: Intervention Research


Project Leader & Study Leader:

Dr.M.L.R. Soliven

Project Staff: Ms. S.C. Poonon

Co-Study Leaders-Prof.M.M. Acuña &

Prof. P.L. Bugayong

Collaborators-Dr. A.L. Deriada;

Dr. L.C. Sison & Ms. H.E. Soliven

Research Assistant: Ms. K.D.J. Cosrojas

DOST-PCARRD Continuing
4. Performance Evaluation of Sweet Sorghum Lines for Bio-ethanol and Grains Under Different Ecological Zones Study Leader-Dr. D. M. Vallador, Sr. Collaborators- Dr.  A.R. Aradilla &

Dr. M.E.B. Detalla

DOST-PCARRD Continuing
5. Integrated R & D Programs on biofuels Project Staff-Dr. L. M. Cabahug DOST-PCARRD Continuing
6. Agribusiness Research and Development Program for Vegetable-livestock Industry in Mindanao


Project Leader-Dr. A.L. Deriada

Study Leader:Dr. A.M. Penaso

Co-Study Leader:Dr. J.D. Intong

Collaborators-Dr. M.L.R. Soliven

Ms. H.E. Soliven; Prof. E.D. Lunzaga

Dr. M.E.S. Damag; Dr. L.C. Sison

Dr. R.L. Intong & Mr. K.J.Q. Radaza

CHED Continuing
7. Enhancing Services of NOMCARRD One-Stop-Information Shop (OSIS)


Study Leader-Prof. L.M. Razalo

Co-Study Leader:Prof. Y.C. Tautho

Collaborators-Mr. V.M. Fuertes

Ms. G.W. Joromat

DOST-PCARRD Continuing
8. Pest Dynamics On Sweet Sorghum Under Different Agro-Ecological Zones Study Leader – Dr. F.D. Corey, Jr.

Collaborators-Dr. M.G. Ballentes

Dr. L.S. Capili

DOST-PCARRD Continuing