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ISO 9001:2015


No. Name of Office Office Code
1 Office of the President OUP
2 Vice President for Administration VPA
3 Vice President for Academic Affairs VAA
4 Vice President for Research, Development and Extension RDE
5 College of Agriculture CAG
6 College of Arts and Sciences CAS
7 Legal Office LGO
8 College of Business and Management CBM
9 University Center for Gender and Development GAD
10 Internal Audit Services IAS
11 College of Education CED
12 Alumni Relations & Linkages Office ARL
13 CMU Press CPR
14 College of Forestry and Environmental Science CFS
15 Public Relations and Information Office PRI
16 General Services Office GSO
17 College of Human Ecology CHE
18 Office of the Director of Instruction DOI
19 University Library LIB
20 College of Engineering COE
21 Office of the University Registrar REG
22 Office of Student Affairs OSA
23 College of Nursing CON
24 Office of Admissions, Scholarships and Placement ASP
25 National Service Training Program NST
26 College of Veterinary Medicine CVM
27 International Relations Office IRO
28 Lead Internal Quality Auditor IQA
29 Administrative Services Offices ASO
30 Finance Management Services Office FMS
31 Accounting Unit ACC
32 Budget Unit BUD
33 Cashiers Unit OUC
34 Quality Management Representative QMR