Hammer Mill for KIMPC installed: a CMU-DAR FBCRD/IAPP-Assisted Project

Sacks of rice trading project inside KIMPC rice mill warehouseA Hammer mill Operation Project to help increase the income of Kalilangan Irrigators Multipurpose Cooperatives (KIMPC) of Kalilangan, Bukidnon was installed to the Cooperation in June 2012 and is now on its first year operation. The project, which cost PhP200, 000 was jointly financed through a soft loan of one hundred thousand pesos (PhP100, 000) from CMU-DAR FBCRD/IADP and the cooperative’s equity. The consortium provides input supports to cooperatives by granting soft loans and expert services. Prof. Mikaela G. Resusa and Prof. Armida B. Baliquig are the Project focal persons for Kalilangan ARC, Kalilangan, Bukidnon.

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