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GST emphasizes overcoming societal gender biases, issues among CMU employees

This year’s first Gender Sensitivity Training (GST) among CMU employees covers the topics of Differences between Sex and Gender, Gender Role Socialization and Development of Gender Stereotype, Manifestation of Gender Biases and Issues, and Addressing Gender Biases and Issues held at UCGAD Hall on March 10.

The morning session was dedicated to discussion, followed by a workshop session in the afternoon to test the participants’ understanding of the topic. The participants were tasked to portray five existing gender issues in the community.

One of the participants, Mr. Reno Richard C. Ramirez from the College of Nursing shared his realizations about the workshop, saying, “Ang bana angayan jud mutabang sa asawa, maski pag unsa ka busy sa bana.” (Despite his busy schedule, the husband must make time to assist his wife.) He also encourages his co-participants to teach these lessons to their children at home.

Also, Mr. Jasper Paolo E. Derije, a participant from the Security Services Unit, urged his co-trainees by expressing his personal experience to treat their partners well and end violence against women in response to the workshop.

After the workshop, the resource speaker expounded on how to address gender biases and issues, including marginalization, subordination, multiple burdens, stereotyping, and violence against women.

Moreover, Prof. Rocelito A. Duropan, one of the speakers, emphasized in his discussion the importance of GST to society. He shared about the impact of GST in decreasing violence against women cases in the country.

Prof. Duropan challenged the participants to be responsible for addressing these five gender biases and issues by introducing GST to the community.

Two representatives from the participants responded by sharing their impressions of the training. “This is an eye opener… mas na inspire pa gyud mi ug ayo ky CMU has this program,” says Mr. Reno Richard C. Ramirez. He concluded that gender sensitivity is something to be proud of and that it needs to begin with every person and family before spreading throughout the community.

Ms. Lesley C. Manapsal of the Security Services Unit was thankful on behalf of the participants for allowing them to join the training, “Salamat kaayo sa opportunity nga naka-apil mi karon,” (Thank you very much for the opportunity that we were able participate), she expressed.

Moreover, the officer in charge of HRMO, Mr. Marcelino F. Duay III, conveyed an insightful message in his closing remarks. He said, “Indeed, breaking gender stereotypes means that we need to allow all members of society the freedom to choose the roles most suited to them.”

The GST was participated by the selected employees from the Security Services Unit, College of Agriculture, Office of the University Registrar, College of Nursing, Techno-Demo Services Unit, Supply and Property Management Unit, and Human Resource Management Office.[MJDBravo & Iyren Dalipe-Neri]

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